Why Matobato’s story too good to be true

We all know that when a story is too good, you should ask yourself if the story is true.

Just recently today, a man named Edgar Matobato surfaced to be a witness for Extra Judicial Killings case in the Senate Hearing. The 57 year old self-proclaimed Davao Death Squad(DDS) member told Senator Leila De Lima everything he knows that he can remember and share for the public.untitled1

But as the interrogation gets deeper, the story seem to be more and more too good to be true. Here are some points that will give you hints that Edgar Matobato’s statements are nothing but hearsay.

  1. No basis. No evidences
    Mentioning names, places, and events are easy.
  2. Suspect Dead
    After confessing two of DDS’s members “Joel Tapales” and “Loloy Gabas”, he also said they were double-crossed and killed.
  3. Sali-who?
    Matobato mentioned a name “Sali Makdum” who’s apparently not in Google as searched by GMA News.


  4. Alligators
    Yes, he said they fed someone to alligators.
  5. Miraculously Alive
    After depicting DDS’s actions almost heartless for killing swiftly almost anyone even the ones they don’t know and the ones who doesn’t fight back, he’s the only one who’s tortured for 1 week for the reason that he’s retiring and still alive.
  6. Yes-man
    frequently saying “Oo” (yes) whatever Senator Leila De Lima asks.


  7. “What-are-you-saying?” face of Bato
    General “Bato” Dela Rosa doesn’t even know who this guy is.
  8. The details
    As Senator Leila De Lima ask questions, the story gets more detailed.
  9. Duterte was there
    Started a story how his team attacked and over-killed NBI Agent Amisola and suddenly, Duterte came and emptied two magazines of Uzi to this “Amisola”.
  10. Bravery Bias
    Bravely mentioned names involved with killings but can’t mention the person brought him in the hearing.

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