20 Reasons why you can’t beat a classic

In the world where almost everything is rapidly changing, there are still things that we can’t simply outwit.

  1. Because -it is- classic. classic
  2. Elegant. It maybe old, but till classy.classy.jpg
  3. Because it’s nostalgic. The sentimental feeling is always there. nostalgia2
  4. It’s overwhelming. Concerts today can’t match the concerts before.koncert-queen-v-kharkove-430kb.jpg
  5. It always work. Maybe not as fast compared to modern techniques, but it
  6. Old School. Parokya Ni Edgar still sounds better than any Philippine disco remix. old-school
  7. Almost as tough as a tank. Try dropping your Laptop and your typewriter 3 ft from the ground. collage
  8. Simply perfect. If you’re too complicated, try to be simple. It’s easier and perfect. simplicity-1-728
  9. Classic men. Always nailing your 20 year-old pop idols. johnny-depp-dior-1.jpg
  10. Classic women. Sexy in their own ways.women.jpg
  11. Classics can be modernized. We can’t modernize something modern, can we? collage2
  12. But we can turn modern into classic. 246723382.jpg
  13. The classic way is the most prescribed by experts. prescription
  14. And also the best described choice.  4009926052_e8c0433095_z
  15. The classics bring back memories. memories_hd1
  16. When the days was good and simple. 11786_Old-house-in-the-middle-on-the-green-field-Fresh-air.jpg
  17. And the classic courting style is sweet. 521256385c18339d02aeaf89ad942c30.jpg
  18. Classics are legends. elvis-presley-1973-performance-billboard-650
  19. Always remembered and never be forgotten. And lastly,Super-Michael-Jackson-Wallpaper.jpg
  20. Because you just can’t.


So, are you a classic person?



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