CHAOTIC MELODIOUS: The one-of-a-kind music of JOIN THE CLUB


Chaotic yet relaxing. That is how you will describe Join the Club’s songs. Or maybe that’s what they really want you to feel?

Join the Club’s infamous “post-punk, pop, folk wave, and even psychedelic” way of music is no doubt the only one in the country. But it’s not just the unique melody of this band that made their way to popularity. Their music videos are like fragments from 90’s Filipino film. Their seemingly deep Filipino lyrics leave a mark to every hearts and minds. Who are they really and why can’t we get enough of their songs?

Join the Club

Often heard and seems common, the band name actually came from misheard lyrics of a foreign punk band song, thus ‘Join the Club’ was born.


How they joined

Believe it or not, this 4-man band started way back 2001 as young lads from Valenzuela. Biboy Renia, the long haired vocalist who also plays guitar. Congie Lulu plays on Bass. Migs Mendoza, the second voice, who plays guitar and synthesizer. Lastly, Louie Dela Cruz is the band’s drummer then changed to Pao Santiago, Biboy and Migs’ fellow music buddy in their college days at College Of The Conservatory Of Music at the University of Santo Tomas. Later enter Brian Lotho, their colleague, replaced Pao, to this day.


Post-punk, something-something

Post-punk, pop, psychedelic, folk wave… You must be asking how they come-up with that genre. Well, it’s not that post-punk-something-something before. It was actually colloquial punk that later evolved into the only psychedelic folk wave in the country. I know what you’re thinking right now, “What on earth is psychedelic folk??” Nope, it’s not the dizzying colorful aftereffect of drugs. Psychedelic folk is a type of music that originated in 1960s until its decline in 1970s. The term psychedelic is thought to have been by the New York-based folk group ‘The Holy Medal Rounders’. Its revival is hardly felt that only ‘Join the Club’ is the only one of its genre in the Philippines.


Most popular song

‘Mahiwaga’ is JTC’s first single album Join the Club E.P. dated 2003. The song, like how they describe themselves, will make you jam and slam with the confusion… it sounds like a normal rock, but why is it kind of different? These boys never fail to confuse everyone with their distinctive play. It doesn’t have a music video yet, though they play it on their gigs. Maybe that’s just how they keep their first song’s value.

‘Nobela’ is one of their most played and most requested song with a million of views in Youtube since its release in 2005. The song was featured on Philippine TV and used as a tagalong OST on an Asianovela.

Their next hit single that reached a million of views is ‘Lunes’ which was released earlier than ‘Nobela’ in the same year. The music video of this song was directed by the Philippine RAP King Francis Magalona.

My most favorite would be ‘Paano Sasabihin’. I can’t explain why exactly. It’s just that it keeps on playing in my head after I heard it once. I’m sure you already heard this song too. If not, listen to it, and you’ll know what I mean.

Where are they now?

Join the Club have performed in many band competitions, Bars, concert halls, and played as guest in many events. Feeling the hype to catch Join the Club performing up-close? They will be performing this Friday (September 2, 2016) at The Quarry Beer Garden, Las Piñas together with bands Rockalyt and THE EXESS. Don’t miss the chance to see Join the Club.



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