Our home is where we can do crazy stuff without causing damages to others. Here are 5 dangerous things we see inside our homes.

  1. Exotic pets

Imagine you’re feeding your pets – 8 Piranhas to be exact, and you accidentally dropped your 40 year old, probably a thousand dollar worth wedding ring inside the tank, how will you suppose to get it? How about you noticed your Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula got out of its tank and above is your very rare parrot? Do I have to mention your gaming room’s Xbox have some sort of a green shoe lace-looking chord mixed up with other cables and your pet Green Vine Snake is not where he used to hang out? If you can’t find the snake in below’s photo in the middle of your game, you gotta ‘abort mission’, Dave.

find the snake

  1. Electronic Time bomb

You left your battery charger plugged-in beside your bed and sudden all night away from your house. What do you think will happen next? Electronic devices such as headphones and cell phones have batteries that overheat and might explode on over-charging state. There are many reports about exploding over-charged gadgets that burned down houses because like these.

  1. Poking your phone

Not long ago, a smart phone like the ones you have on your pocket right now needs a thin stick like pointer called “stylus pen”. It is used just like a pen on a phone’s screen unlike today where phones recognizes almost anything even the owner’s finger as its pointer. But it is also not long ago when experiments were conducted regarding what will happen if you continuously poke or accidentally squeezed your phone. It also explodes – Because any device with built-in battery can explode.


  1. New and improved Hover Boards by ISIS

Ah, yes – Another improvised explosive. Have you seen the news about ISIS selling the mainstream hover boards sold in the internet? Many people have reported their Hover Boards exploding after charging days after they received it from online sellers, and the authorities are expecting to receive more complains as the demand of Hover Boards around the world increases. So if you already have these boards in your house, don’t forget to yell Allahulakbar before riding these explosives on wheels.

  1. Onions left open in the fridge

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Left over half onions is as dangerous as eating bread with molds. Onions are proved to attract bacteria even by just cutting it open. The bacteria will breed on the onion that most likely is the one to blame in stomach problems and sicknesses. Even if you put it on the fridge inside a sealed bag, the moment you cut it open it’s already contaminated.  Unless it hasn’t reached the time of its spoilage and you cooked it like crazy, you’ll probably be okay. I think chopping and putting it in your mayonnaise raw is not a good idea.


Nothing in this world is safe anymore. Even a tiny piece of dust can irritate your eye forever. What I’m trying to point out is that we should take care of ourselves. Remember: Do not fear the technology, but improve it to make our lives better. Nature has its own way and never predictable. And be careful pulling out something like a half of onion from the fridge. Stay safe, buddy.




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