Top 6 most stunning smart phones of the modern century


You must’ve watched the ‘Transformers’ movie, right? There’s a scene in which the power of The Cube that enables to transform a machine into a mechanical life form, was channeled into a cellphone inside a sealed box and turned it into a spider-looking transformer. Well, humanity hasn’t get there yet. But don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll be thrilled of what our Smartphone manufacturers have accomplished so far.


Here are the top 6 most stunning Smart phones created so far.

Before we get to the list, let me give you a short lesson about a Smartphone. A Smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. The first ever Smartphone ever invented is called IBM Prototype Simon introduced in 1992. For kids and young-at-heart, if you think that a Smartphone is originally made for playing games, no. Its original purpose aside vocal communication is to make a pocket-sized laptop. Thus Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), also known as handheld PC was born.


Today, there are hundreds of Smartphone designs and units all over the world. Almost everyone is using Smartphones as part of their daily lives that certain jobs even require their employees as ‘must-haves’. There’s an invisible push that keeps a person stay socially connected to everyone. And these phones’ development can also be characterized, depending on the user’s preference.

  • Slim

Imagine a smartphone so slim, it can cut like a blade. Nah, I’m just exaggerating things. The slimmest phone is not a concept anymore. The slimmest phone in the world so far is the Vivo X5 Max measuring only 4.75 mm thin compared with your traditional iPhone 6 with 6.9mm. Other smartphones like iPhone 7 ultrathin is still a concept

toughest phone.gif

  • Extra Strong

Now that we’re done with the slim competition, let’s move on to toughness. There’s a smartphone that can be used as a hammer and this time I’m serious. The Oppo R5 was nominated as the world’s strongest phone. Its promotional video also shows how the smartphone breaks a watermelon. It’s unbelievably strong and deadly. Beats the former world’s strongest phone Nokia 3310 by simply being used as a hammer –nailed it.

  • Made of Blocks

Yes, like Leggo bricks. Most gadgets were thrown away as soon as a vital part gets broken but not really the whole gadget. This results to greater e-waste increase. As the e-waste goes higher thanks to our phones, organizations made an idea of how to gradually reduce e-waste. They made a phone where if one part gets broken, all you have to do is detach the part and replace a new one. You can now improve or customize your own smartphone. Phone Blocks had the concept and finally made a prototype.


folding phone 2

  • Flexible screen phone to tablet

It has all gone to this – a flexible screen. Smartphone companies have been thinking a way how to make people understand not to sit on your smartphone. Well, they found a solution – bend the phone. Samsung has finally made a phone with flexible screen and body. Now you can bend your smartphone without breaking it.

  • Phone on wrist

Many smartphones have adopted the idea of safety. Texting and calling your friends with your smartphone totally exposed to the public can get yourself in danger. So to avoid this, they put their phone on their wrist. While there are smart phones that look exactly like a watch with its strap and side buttons, there are these bending phones. After successfully producing a flexible screen, Samsung now created a flexible body smartphone. It wraps on your wrist like bangles and still works!

bending phone.gif

  • Projected on Arm

This is some next level stuff. There are many smart watches made but Cicret is so far the best. Why? Because your phone is projected directly to your skin, and you can even access/tap it. By simply twisting your arm, it activates the Cicret projecting your phone. It’s waterproof, functions like normal phone, safe on skin, and now in mass production.


There’s nothing wrong with being hooked-up with these cool gadgets but always be reminded that smartphones made the world smaller, but not necessarily closer. Interaction with real people is still important. sometimes, you have to turn your phone off and talk not like a robot but a real person.


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