The Coolest President Alive


Not all people in the world likes Barack Obama. I in particular am not fond of Obama’s work but if there’s something I should like about him, it’s his way of doing things fair with a little amount of humor to make things in perspective. Barack Obama probably is the last coolest president in the world and it’s kind of making me feel bad that his name’s spelling appears incorrect in my MS Word. Unlike Kennedy who’s name’s obviously not an English word but appears correct.


Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th President of United States since 2009. He is also the very first African American who’s born outside of United States to hold the office. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, he came to a family he calls “little mini-United Nations” for having relatives from different race like his step sister Maya Soetoro-Ng (the daughter of his mother and her Indonesian second husband) .Barack is married to his wife Michelle and a father to his daughters Malia Ann and Natasha.

Obama’s last “and perhaps the last” white house correspondence, as he said, happened just last month. The 40-minute speech is full of humor as always and in his terms, “from the heart”. Though, he prefers to do that every annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner…and he did! – For 6 years. Being careful not to crack punch-lines and keeping it professional all the time, I’d say he finally let his humorous side o on that very sentimental night. Every word is remarkable and meaningful – both sentimentally and literally. In fact, his last Correspondent’s Dinner speech is my very inspiration why I made this blog.

Throughout his career as the American leader, He made lots of unforgettable moments which made him the coolest president ever lived. I don’t know with you…but for me, he is:

  1. Removing dirt on his shoulders gesture

When you do it in front of your friends, it’s okay. But if you do it in an international speech, that’s a next level stuff. After relentless attacks from Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama just decided to Brush it off his shoulders. Brushing dirt off your shoulders is a sign of shaking your haters off.

  1. Beer chat

He chooses beer chat to talk with Henry Louis Gates and the Police sergeant who arrested him.


  1. Killed a fly

Yes, he killed a buzzing fly in White House MSNBC interview. Killed the “uninvited guest” with a slap and picked with a napkin right after.

  1. Obama President logic (computers)

Barack Obama answered hilariously in a one-on-one interview, Obama receives a question from a host “Do you have an iPad?” followed by “your own computer?” Barack Obama then replied, “I’m the President of United States, you think I’m gonna go borrow your computer?”

  1. Supporting Gay Marriage

In an interview, Barack made it clear that he’s supporting gay and lesbian people. And don’t forget that it was legalized in his administration.




  1. Building Iron man

Who knows if they succeeded? He announced in white house with a help of researchers and people from pentagon, “Basically,” he said, “I’m here to announce that we’re building Iron Man.” Of course he didn’t mean Tony Stark’s suit but something quite similar to it called the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit or TALOS.

  1. Standup comedian

His annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner speeches in 6 years can prove that. He’s a bright and humorous president.

  1. Ends the war in Iraq

It may have been ended under Bush or the president next to Barack but it turns out that the war ended in his term.


  1. Killed Bin Laden

Many world leaders have tried hunting down Osama Bin Laden but only Barack and his handful of well-equipped SEAL Team Six Assault team did the job as smooth as silk. Try watching the movie Zero Dark Thirty.


  1. Entered with a skateboard [FAKE]

Some say the photos were legit but this settles it once and for all. The photo is edited. He didn’t make that fancy entrance on that Nuclear Summit in South Korea.


  1. Kicked the door [FAKE]

Like the skateboard entrance, this one is also a hoax. There are also supporting videos that proved the notorious door kicking fake. The hoax spread rapidly like a wild fire around the internet that the student who made the GIF photo forced to apologize to the President and to the whole world.

  1. Dropped the mike

As his “finishing move”, he chose to drop the microphone while holding his lips as a sign of his last speech as a President of United States.

obama out.jpg

In my personal note, his way of telling things specifically, direct to the point, detailed, and what I called “double-meaning” words will always be my favorite. Obama has gifts. I think these 2 gifts made him the President of the United States, his brightness and his ability to speak in front of large amount of people and this isn’t just a simple skill. He perfectly combined these 2 gifts to make a tale concrete and effective.

 Did I miss a lot of Barack Obama’s funny moves? Or is it also time for me to apologize to the people around the world? Comment them below and I would be happy to talk about it. Like always, it’s a pleasure to share my thoughts and opinions.




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