My Top 8 Most Favorite Documented Story Episodes


As I mentioned on my previous post, I will share some of my favorite movies and TV shows of all time. It just happened that my favorite TV shows and episodes are not about a square yellow sea creature and funny guys trying to restore an ancient fridge. No. My favorite TV shows are the ones that have humor, trivia, discoveries, and scenes that could give you chills to your spine. Yup, you read it right on the title already.

I’m always been fascinated with documentary shows that satisfy my itchy travel foot because it gives me answers on some of my questions that my parents usually ignore. Questions that arise from unsolved mysteries that is not for faint of heart. I know when these questions are answered, it won’t solve my daily normal problems, but so does the X multiplied by Y over 2 plus AB. So here we go, my top 8 most favorite documented story episodes:


  1. Expedition Unknown : Viking Stone

Hosted by my favorite adventurer, Josh Gates, This episode of ‘Expedition Unknown’ is one of my favorite documentaries so far. Here, Josh attempted to find a “magical stone” known as “The sun stone”, e piece of mineral rock called calcite used by Viking mariners to travel around the world under the harsh weather(without the sun) to circum-navigate across the world. And also prove its magic which could actually be explained by science. And oh boy, he did it. It actually worked.

  1. I Wouldn’t Go In There : Haunted Philippines

I’m not a fan of ghost stories. Actually, I have the tendency of proving them wrong. And that is the main reason this documentary series is one of my favorite. ‘I Wouldn’t Go In There’ or IWGIT is hosted by the urban explorer and blogger Robert Joe. This episode is perhaps my favorite since I’m a Filipino and the setting took place on the Philippines’ most haunted airport. The reason why I love IWGIT’s documentaries is because Robert Joe bravely explores the ground zero alone to prove that the haunting always hides a bigger true story.


  1. I Wouldn’t Go In There : House on the Hill

When the exploration gets serious and the documentary subject is something to laugh at, IWGIT stories are the best documentary show for you. Korean’s are well known horror movie award winners and their skills in making terrifying ghost stories are very remarkable. But this episode of IWGIT that took place in Korea will make you realize that there’s gotta be a more realistic reason why the haunting happen. And oh, did I mention that IWGIT has a cool blog website? Check it out here at


  1. Destination Truth : Island of Dolls

A real-life spooky island with real-life scary dolls. Such a horrifying experience for Josh Gates. Destination Truth is Josh’s former TV show before he moved to a neighboring channel. Destination Truth is slightly the same as Expedition Unknown. The difference is that in Destination Truth, Josh has a team wherein Expedition Truth he seems to work alone. Also, the former show focuses on cryptids, bizarre creatures, ghosts, and monsters. In the other hand, Expedition Unknown unravels world’s unsolved mysteries.


  1. Ghost Adventures : Queen Mary

Ghost adventures hosted by Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin’s episode titled “Queen Mary” is my favorite episode in their daring ghost hunting that settles on a haunted hotel ship named Queen Mary located at Long Beach. Like I said, I don’t believe in ghost stories but there’s something in this episode that worth watching.

  1. Life in the Undergrowth : All episodes

Life in the undergrowth is a nature documentary directed by Peter Bassett, Mike Salisbury, Bridget Appleby, and Stephen Dunleavy. Presented and written by David Attenborough, it is aired in BBC in UK. Life in the Undergrowth is an absolutely stunning experience that features insects, moss, and all other creatures that are too small to be noticed.


  1. The Blue Planet : All episodes

Of course, if we have documentary about insects, one that catches my attention…and obviously needed more documentation, is the most known water documentary TV show titled ‘The blue Planet’. Also narrated by David Attenborough and aired also in BBC, The Blue Planet is a chain of 8 episodes plus a special episode that runs one and a half hours full. If you feel relaxed watching a gold fish in bowl, I guarantee to you, Blue Planet is a hundred and eleven times more relaxing than that.

  1. Ancient Aliens

Ooh, man. Now it brought us here. Remember that History Channel Guy on a suit with a very unusual hair you seen in memes who seemingly obsessed with aliens? Yup, that’s the documentary I’m talking about. On some of his interviews, you will see a golden plane-like badge on his chest. There’s an episode where he explained what it is and how incredible that thing was. Nope, it’s not a key for inter-galactic teleportation but you won’t believe it’s a fully functioning air plane of the ancients.


You know what’s good with documentary shows? It gives you knowledge not only the target subject itself but also the ones connected to its existence: birthplace of the subject, population, signature drinks and food, buildings, religion, geography, culture, and history. Experience is indeed the best teacher, and traveling is its school. In fact my way of explaining things came from watching these shows, like how kids learn conversations and expressions by watching Japanese animés. Mine is just generally educational though.


Documentary stories taught me that there are lots of things to discover, we’re just too lazy to find it. It also taught me how to look straight forward, focus, and aim on what you’re searching for. These may not be easy for some but when the passion is there, everything is possible…or in this case, can be found.



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