You’re a woman and you know your weakness. No matter how stubborn you are (even look tough, or at least that’s how you look yourself) just to hide your weakness, some men are still good at finding ways by getting you down, for example; they can still read your actions and come up with the best strategy, etc. These men are often skilled mind-readers capable of giving baits for you to bite to show your weakness. By analyzing your reactions and emotions, they can formulate the best way to manipulate you and make you weak which will go down to…rape.

  1. When you’re confused

Yes. Everyone can feel confusion, especially when they’re frustrated or feeling down. When you’re confused, feeding you ideas is much easier than when you’re focused. The more ideas you receive, the more confusion you can get. This is also the moment when your mind tells you to seek for answers and at the same time processing the answers you already have which brings you to confusion since our brain can’t really multi-task. When the brain can’t handle all the ideas mixing up inside your head, it will request a break-time, an activity that can make it feel relaxed or pleasured.

How confusion can get you raped:

Scratching your head combined with uniting brows is a give-away to know you’re confused. If one of your male friends noticed that you’re confused and he has a bad intention to you, his first move will be; to give you ideas that you will think that it is the right way. Then he will follow it with another pleasant idea but for the other option making you more confused. When you’re pressured it will affect to your emotions and feeling, the brain will now request for a break. A kiss is a good time-stopper. And so on…

  1. When you cry

Most girls are weak when crying while most men take advantage of it. It’s as easy as this: When you cried enough, you seek something or someone than can stop you from crying. It’s the same as when you’re confused, your brain will require an unwinding activity to make you feel good…or in your case, make you forget.

How crying can get you raped:

Some girls are stupid to drink alone on bars while crying (please, don’t be stupid enough to join them unless you’re a karate master or with military training). Like I said earlier, when we cry or tired of crying, our brain seeks pleasure to counter depression. When a guy (could be your potential rapist), approached you and tells you that he understands you, it’s okay to laugh with them. But if you want to go home, better ask/text someone to get you at least minutes before you tell your new companion you want to go home because the risk of being raped is high when you’re with a guy you just met at the bar.

  1. When you’re over-joyed

“So fun, we could party all night!” Now, 3 out of the dozens of girls on that party are officially moms. Hopefully, all of them had a faithful husband. Like depression, happiness is a type of strong emotion but not as delicate. When you’re happy, you’re aware of your surroundings. It’s like giving your brain a continuous dose of stress-free energy drink. Especially when you’re a teen, your mind is open for new knowledge and exploring new things.

How happiness can get you raped:

There are many scenarios that girls can get raped when they’re too happy. Let’s use the most common situation: the party. Let’s say you’re a teen and you don’t have boyfriend (but of course, you’re more prone to sex when you have a boyfriend), when a couple in your party group had sex, there’s a small idea behind your brain that you want to try it. You will get these ideas when you’re other friends started to influence you. “Try sex. It’s fun.” If you managed to end the party without being raped, congratulations! You just made a brighter future ahead of you.

  1. When you’re too generous

If you got raped because he wants it so you gave it to him, you’re stupid. You’re not raised to be anyone’s slave. Anyways, being generous is a kind thing. You just have to think that sometimes, giving too much can lead you to danger.

How being generous can get you raped:

Even if sex is the only way to save a dying stranger’s life; you should not give it to him. Generosity is far different from idiocy. If you’re asking if there is a way that a life could be saved by mating; no, there isn’t. It could be prevention from sickness but not a life-saver. If there is, hospitals should have prostitutes than doctors. Generosity can get you raped when you’re too kind or the type of person who’s having a hard time refusing.

  1. When you’re sympathizing

This one is actually pretty close to number 4, but the difference is the situation. Sympathy is a feeling of pity for someone else’s misfortune. In this situation, you are not the one who’s feeling down, but the other guy you are sympathizing. You’re always there for him, could the result of your affection for him or something else.

How sympathizing can get you raped:

The man you’re sympathizing might notice the opportunity and take advantage of your unaware feelings. He could give you ideas that he needs you and you should always be there for him. By accepting this idea to be the right thing to do, asking for a sex is inevitable. It’s good if this deal will lead the both of you into a good relationship but if not, you two are just what they called “sex-buddies”. You’re being raped and you’re unaware of it.

And there you have it, the 5 things that could get you raped. If you think there are other characteristics that could get you raped, please state it on the comment section below this blog and I’d be happy to have an interesting conversation with you. Stay safe, my fellow ladies.


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