What Makes Your Sweet Boyfriend Giggle Inside

Yeah. Sweet loyal boyfriend is hard to find these days and despite of my bitter quotes, I still believe that they’re not extinct yet.

love quote 3

We’ve been reading countless lists of “Girl’s wish list of Mr. Right” and/or “things to make him fall in-love to you” but have you thought of what your sweet boyfriend really wish now that he got you? Here’s a quick peek of what’s on his mind whenever you’re with him.

Let’s be clear here. Number 1, I won’t include sensitive and “pervy” things, I feel uneasy on them. Second, I don’t have a boyfriend now but I have experiences with a very open boyfriend before. With my memories of him and some help from my friends, I come up with the list of things your sweet boyfriend secretly wishes for you to do whenever you’re with him.

  1. “I wish you cling on my arms all day”

Very basic. As long as we don’t have anything to do in a day like work or school, we can give you this.

  1. “I wish you love watching basketball with me”

Not just basketball. Any kind of sports will do. It’s sweet if you cling, kiss, hugging while watching his favorite sport. But it’s cool when you shout with him when his team made a score. You’ll become a cool girlfriend.

love quote 4

  1. “I wish you play with me and be the “support character” every time I play video games”

Every gamer boy in the world wishes. If you don’t like his video game, you can try the tip in number 7.

  1. “Oh God! She’s so pretty. I wish you always wear my long-sleeve like that every morning”

This is on the next level of relationship. If you’re now living with your boyfriend and you see his wide smile every time you wake up wearing his shirt then this is what he’s thinking.

  1. “I wish you believe me, he’s on to something”

Amazing, it’s like how we girls feet if our boyfriend is lying to us. It’s true that boys can tell if the guy we’re texting is plotting something bad to us.

love quote 2

  1. “I wish there were mornings that you would pull a can of beer from the fridge instead of brewing coffee”

How about a nice boyfriend who doesn’t drink beer? Well it does not really have to be beer; but a can of booze is mostly the quick way to celebrate. If you see him one morning looking like he needs to do something important but he doesn’t want to, tolerating his laziness once is good and as long as it won’t ruin his entire life. –That’s what I meant. Not really the beer.

  1. “I wish you suddenly stop playing with your phone and throw it outside the window”

Oh come on! No more COC?! Some sweet boyfriends allow their girl play COC but not forever. Even boys demand attention, and WE as their girlfriend, should give it to them. Just a few clings and when he’s asleep, go back to COC. Best solution is to wait for him play his video game and crouch on his lap while playing with your phone.

  1. “I wish pizza is always the last option in the dinner list you make”

Who doesn’t like pizza? Sometimes there are days that we don’t feel like to cook. Don’t worry, sweetie boyfriend, we’re happy to grant that wish.

love quote 5

  1. “Sometimes I wish you never have red days so that fun extends the whole month”

Awe, I wish he also knew that we girls are wishing the same thing.

  1. “Whenever I feel lazy to go work, I wish you’d say “it’s okay. We need money to drink all weekends””

Again, it won’t really help to motivate a good guy, especially the rare non-drinker-type but putting yourself by using “we” to show that you’re supporting him on his goal is absolutely make him go back to his knees.

  1. “I wish you maintain your sexiness because for me only”

If you go out for dozen of laps everyday in the morning to satisfy his eyes to maintain that same body he saw on you on the very first time you met him, no wonder he’ll tell you one night: “I’m so lucky to have a sexy girl like you.”

  1. “I wish we stay like this forever”

Awe, this could be the sweetest wish he ever think of. When a boyfriend whispered this in the air, you’re one of the luckiest ladies in the entire world.

love quote 1

Not all the tips mentioned above are for every boyfriend in the world. I mean, not all of them drinks beer or play video games. And these are only 12 of hundreds of wishes your sweet boyfriend have thought about. These are just tips. What’s important is that you guys maintain the harmony and chemistry you built together. Maintaining the sweetness and the feelings you two felt on the first time you met. Change is good only if both of you agreed to it and do it together. You both are practicing as future partners in crime and being true to each other is always the key.


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