Bad Effects of being free


“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.”

You know what’s hard when it comes to choosing between 2 things? It’s either you have both, or you don’t like both.

no choice

Choosing is a good example of freedom. People having the privilege to choose can be lucky because others have no choice at all. It’s not that they’re not free but their lives seem in the same straight path with corner alleys and turns blocked. It’s an analogical explanation of “No choice.”


Are you sure you’re free to choose? Did you choose something because it’s what you really wanted or is it because it’s what you need? Even if granted with freedom, choosing is something one can’t avoid. It is part of our daily lives and therefore, necessary in making our future. But when it comes to making decisions, will it be considered as freedom if the option we chose offers dissatisfaction? When we’re free and we choose, we ran out of options. How? For example, you’re free to buy any food you craved for until such time you tasted and satisfied to them not you have nothing else to try.

Regardless of how it affects us, choosing is always part of freedom and also one of its disadvantages. Here are the other things that make our freedom a disadvantage to our life.


When we’re free, we’re becoming carefree because we’re free to do things we wanted to do. And when we do something that makes us happy, we often forget how it may affect us and the other people around us in both physically and mentally. The feeling of freedom combined with recreational activities such as sports can also increases the sensation-feeling. That tingly feeling on your spine that feels good like when we’re exciting whenever you’re doing something fun. In an extraordinary study, Dr Tim Gable and Dr Ian Walker, from University of Bath’s department of psychology, have shown that wearing a helmet is likely to increase sensation-seeking and make people less safe – even in situations where headgear is not required. Thus, our freedom to do extreme activities and thinking wearing helmet to be safe make us carefree and prone to accidents.


When we’re free, we doubt our companions. It’s true but don’t think a bit too far. This is actually the effect of being free. When we’re free, we tried a lot of things and learned from it. And in the way, we met people not worthy of our trust. Yes, the connection of freedom and trust issues is extremely greater than you expected.


You might be mistaking Independence from being rebellious. Aha! If you noticed that the bad effect of your freedom is affecting the people around you in extreme unpleasant way, I’m sorry but you’re in the wrong path of freedom. Keep in mind that being independent should be leading you to greater good. No matter what the reason is as long as it’s unacceptable by the general law, it is always a rebellious act. Responsibility is the key trait of independence. Keep proper responsibility a daily process.


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