You might be wondering why other people prefer piranhas or snakes than pugs and gold fish? Even as a girl, we have a pet tarantula in our house. It’s not that it’s cool to have an exotic pet but it’s my dad who’s fascinated with the creature that’s why he brought one from States. You can’t really say an iguana is cute neither a spider but they do have something unique in them that’s why their owners pick them so I decided to research of one’s criteria in choosing a pet.

maging alagad ng sining 1 1.jpg


  1. Because they are cute

Of course, it is cute. We even consider a pet as a family member. Most cute pets are the usual pets like dogs, cats, fish, and birds. We name them the cutest names like “kitty”, “pawpaw”, or “tutu”. These pets are so cuddly; you even buy clothes for them.

  1. Because they are cool

Your neighbor decided to buy a Pit bull dog and on the second week, you noticed that your other neighbor also bought a Pit bull dog. Do you know what that means? No, it’s not dog fight. It’s because your second neighbor realized that it’s cool to have a Pit bull dog (followed by the reason dog fight). These pets are the unusual pets that we often see in movies and advertisements. We pick them because we know that they’re foreign to our current areas so they stand out to other pets.

maging alagad ng sining 2

  1. Because they’re useful

I think, dog is the most useful pet I ever saw. I already watched dozens of movies how these dogs saved their masters from a burning house to a terrorist bomb. It’s more incredible than a racing talking pig. These useful pets have benefited their masters and some of them even have professions. Police dogs are not surprising anymore; I’m talking about the talking parrot on the Captain’s shoulder. They’re helpful in voyages and could be an alarm for your homes.


  1. Because we can learn from them

Insects are good examples of pets that can blend in. People who have octopus or tarantulas in their house are more likely to have the skills and looks that can deceive you. People you wouldn’t expect that can do this and that. Adaptation is the key to these pets’ living, which are also the things we should accept as a human being.

  1. Because they reminds us that even small animals have the capacity to respect

They remember who their master is. Their learning capacity might be slow but gradually developing through time. A continuous routine and training will leave a mark in their memory.

maging alagad ng sining 3



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