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We all have our own experiences that made our life exciting than any adventure books ever written. Untold stories that were sometimes too embarrassing to share, yet makes us chuckle every time we remember it. Be it a result of clumsiness, bad idea, or stupidity, we treasure these memories into our hearts and will forever make us smile. Like you, I have my own scary experiences that I wanted to share since it is the scariest memories that are so hard to forget. Here are some of my untold stories that are supposed to be scary and turned out to be funny. I won’t be embarrassed to share them.

I love horror movies. No matter what genre: zombie, cannibalism, ghost, monsters, possession, etc., I love them all. I’m the type of person that could watch a marathon of horror movies in one night, in my dark room and alone, but this one horror movie was a bad idea. I watched the film ‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’ – a typical story about possession of an aged woman named, Deborah Logan who suffers from series of Anxiety and Alzheimer’s disease that turns out to be a demon possession. Why a bad idea?  I am living alone with my Grandmother. ha! ha! It’s not that I’m afraid to see my grand mom flying’ around the kitchen while cooking or doing extreme yoga while planting the garden, but isn’t it scary to see her standing rock steady and staring at you while you’re asleep 5 hours every night? I love you, Grandma.

You know what’s scary? Nightmares and near death experiences! But this one turned out to be funny. One night, I was driving on a long bridge in North Luzon Expressway. I’m so tired and sleepy from work so I decided to park my car on the side since I’m the only one driving on that night. I pulled up my Smartphone from my bag to check the time. It’s already 11:56. Good thing, there’s McDonald’s so I left my car to buy a Starbucks Venti sized Java chip. And then I wondered, I don’t have a Smartphone and I’m in the middle of a bridge with McDonald’s selling Venti-sized Java chip from Starbucks??? That’s when I realized, I’m already dreaming while driving!

Ghost hunting. Now that’s scary! Me and my friends were ghost hunting in an abandoned hospital in Quezon City when we suddenly heard a beeping sound like those we hear in the hospital bed. You know the beep that goes flat when the patient died? We were really scared because that’s something really paranormal (or is it?). My friends run and of course, I screamed and run with them. We continued to run and scream while running on the streets because the beeping sound never stopped as if it was following us. I reach my Nokia phone on my pocket to call dad because I’m too scared but upon reaching my phone while running, I noticed it was ringing. Dad is calling. I had a phone that was as strong as a war tank that beeps like a time bomb when someone’s calling. It was just my Nokia 3300 phone.

We all have our own fun untold stories. Kind of embarrassing but sometimes, reminiscing those moments is the only thing that could make us smile.


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