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Well, you know what day it is, right? Here are my 2nd weekly 5 tips to make your day better. I did all of these and it works perfectly fine. I hope it helps you too.

  1. Make your own breakfast

Okay, let’s say you don’t have the potential to be a good cook but practice makes it perfect right? Breaking the yolk when cooking the sunny side up is only at the start. Cooking a sunny side up every day, and eventually, you will learn how to fry the egg without breaking the yellow. Having this as your first trophy for the day is a good start. Achieving the same trophy everyday will get you to the next level –the pancake. More reasons to practice cooking, the more joy it can give. Just make sure you wake up early for this.

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  1. Play a cheerful song

Believe me, even if it’s raining outside, this cheerful song can make everything right. It may not blow those dark clouds away but it lightens up your mood because of the joy the song gives. Preparing to go to school or to the office with a song on your ear will make you dance. Your head will bang and your feet will tap. Even if you’re on your way home, listening to music will make you forget how far your home is. You will even find want to move more just to finish the whole album.



  1. Daily caffeine

Some people don’t want to start the day without their daily coffee. It may be in a form of bottled tea juice or a can of cold coffee. These drinks are the best substitute if you don’t have time to enjoy your caffeinated breakfast at home and you want the booze on the go. I chose the word ‘caffeine’ because some of us are not coffee drinkers. But some chocolate drinks, energy drinks, chocolate bars, and tea in any form are also caffeinated.


  1. Sing on the bathroom

I do this a lot. I stretch my fingers like playing a piano while singing my favorite songs. Some people swing their hand as if they’re playing drums. Everyone has their own way of enjoying music while taking a bath. Singing as deep as Frank Sinatra or taking body bend like Pilita Corales to hit that high tone. It boosts morale and guarantees you will repeat the same concert tomorrow.

alagad ng sining 2


  1. Think about your future plans

This part reminds me of my memories with my best friend back at elementary when we planned to make a shelter ball to prepare ourselves in great calamities. Ha! Ha! One of the best ways to produce good results is to think your future plans and the efforts you’re willing to give to achieve it. To become a great business tycoon owner someday, to marry your beloved and have kids, to buy your own home and a car. Always remind yourself your dreams and plans no matter how high they go.

start your day right


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