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Like I said on my Facebook account, I’ll be posting my weekly 5 good habits to make your life better. These habits were the things that we should practice and I find effective. For the first part of my Weekly 5 Tips to Make Your Day Better, here are the things you should try to apply in your life.

 weekly 5 tips

  1. Thank God

Regardless of what religion, waking up means another chance of living. To avoid what is wrong from yesterday and do it what it is to be done. Pray to God and promise Him that you will make this day better than yesterday. You don’t have to open your eyes, just mildly whisper the words that you wanted to say. It’s a practice that our parents taught us since we were kids so a simple yet meaningful prayer is not that hard.

weekly good days waking up with smile.jpg 

  1. Smile when you wake up

I just started this last week and it’s really effective. I always wake up 1 hour prior to my set alarm time no matter how late I sleep. It feels good to beat the alarm clock every morning. This could be the first reason why I smile before getting up. The 2nd reason could be my dog who politely greets me in the morning. Start the day right and it will end right.

 weekly good days sleeping

  1. Have a deep sleep

You know how good it feels to hit that 8-hour sleep mark. Deep sleep is important because that’s the only time where you can rest your brain for a long time. In the other hand, sleep deprivation should be avoided because it is proven to disrupt brain function, weight, and coordination. Avoiding sleep completely is impossible as brief microsleeps cannot be avoided however the extended absence of deep sleep can cause death. See how animals sleep for days called hibernation where they don’t eat, just a plain sleep but never die with hunger.

change accepted.jpg

  1. Accept change

There’s a phobia called Neophobia, a fear generally manifests in the elderly. Neophobia is a fear of new things or experiences and can manifest as an unwillingness to try new things or break away from routine. For me, accepting change is pretty normal because everything doesn’t last forever. However, there are some people that hate changes and even tend to react in an unpleasant manner.

  1. Play with your wardrobe

According to the book ‘The One Minute Manager’ by the authors Kenneth Blanchard Ph.D. and Spencer Johnson M.D., “People who feel good to themselves produce good results.” and apparently, I feel good whenever I wear my favorite dresses. Basically, if you feel uncomfortable, your work reflects it. Of course, if you’re a student who’s required to wear a uniform, I guess you have to try this in the other way.

weekly good days.jpg

And that’s it for this week. Remember, there’s no harm in trying. It’s natural for a person to satisfy himself in many ways. Just don’t forget that as long as you think it’s not wrong, then it’s probably right.

start your day right



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