I’ve been drawing characters from my own stories ever since I was a child. I inherited these skills from my dad and improved over the years by watching animés and learning from the masters. My works don’t just bring me to stages of fame but also dramatically fills up my purse. I enjoy doing it with benefits -the best way to love a job. But that did you know what other things a freehand drawing can offer? Let me take you to my world to make my explanation easier.


As I have said earlier, it was my dad who gave me the skill and the learning is on me. Having those two mediums is more than enough to have the “hand of an artist”. I believe that as long as you can hold a writing object, you can draw. Don’t say, you’re drawing is as primitive as the drawings in caves. But hey! In ancient times, those drawings are already an award winner, you know?

Each paper is a door and my hand holding a pencil is the key to a world that I created. It’s a portal, a gateway to my imaginative and creative mind. In other words, my imagination manifests to my drawings. My world of imagination, that is. Of course, some of my drawings were fiction but the only way to manifest it is by putting it into perspective or another form of media such as books and movies. I might feel astonished when I see something built real that came from my stories. The exact same feeling J. K. Rowling, the author of the best-selling book and movie ‘Harry Potter’, felt when she saw her Hogwarts School right before her eyes. Producers out there, feel free to visit my house for a movie production! I’m just kidding.


Another thing about my drawings is I can travel wherever I want. As I told you, my drawings are portals to my imagination. When I see a place that came from a picture, for example, all I have to do is to draw a window and draw the scenery I saw behind it. Since I can’t put colors to my drawings, I will have my brain to work it out for me. Believe it or not, I was looking at the Eiffel tower a week ago, “my” Eiffel tower that is. It’s pretty convenient than spending dollars for a plane ticket.

11216137_821275591287100_124782361_n.jpgSometimes, I’m having a problem when I visit a salon shop. Stylists can’t understand my hairstyle preference by just listening to my directions and I’m also having trouble looking for the picture of m previous hairstyle. What I did is I drew my face with my hairstyle preference. People working in salons are pretty artistic folks that rely on visual rather than verbal directions to understand what cut you really like. My sketchpad is a world of useful mirrors of my reflection.

I was a tourist for years and a blogger for months, and there are still things that I want to become; like a magician, an astronaut, a princess, or a wealthy multi-corporation owner. It’s all possible whenever I grab a pencil and my sketchpad. It’s a world of different me in different dimensions. I don’t need to send my application resumé to those companies just to try those professions. By just drawing it, I can feel like experiencing it.


Many people are impressed with artworks and some of them are saying they are not as good as the artist. My advice to you is; never stop believing in yourself when it comes to drawing. Through years of my drawing experience, I never said that I can’t do it even once. Don’t stop trying. Draw with passion, it’s your only way to maintain the urge to draw. Compare your latest work from your previous works, and you will see your improvement.

Credits to sketch artist of these photos: Rhudyll “Sai” Rheonico.


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