Are you a Responsible Citizen?

Are you a Responsible Citizen?

A good citizen is one who works hard, helps and always willing to learn from mistakes. We may not be aware, but in  simple ways we do a thing that aid our country and our own well-being. Here are some of the list to known if you are one of the many responsible citizen that helps protects and build brighter future.

Responsibilty Begins at Home

Parents should raise their children well and teach them with good habits, attitudes, and values so that when they grow, they’ll become great citizens of our country. Also, honor sacred marriage and vow.


To be a cool and responsible citizen, you must know what your responsibilities. Helping your community is one, but first you must help yourself. Primarily you need to get a good education, this is the best way you can contribute as a student. When you’re well educated you can get a better job and a better job can contribute more to the community.

Contribution to Society

Are you a Responsible Citizen?

Contributing to economy is also an important part of being a responsible citizen, but you must work hard for it. When you work hard, you provide services to others and also earn money. It’s time to give back something to your community, it’s also a duty to pay taxes to the government.



You should also know your right as a citizen, contact your representative about issues that matter to you. A responsible citizen should also be fully informed about what happening in his society. Read or watch the news and stay up to date. Sharing information is also a duty, be a responsible netizen. Think twice before you click, post or make a comment on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network. Lastly, stand up for what is right.

Follow the laws and ordinances

Are you a Responsible Citizen?

The laws and ordinances were made for a good reason, following the rules is a must in order for a society to be peaceful and productive. The law is something that the humans created to modulate the society through justice. Help our law enforcers solve and reduce crimes like corruptions within the government.

Cast your Vote

Are you a Responsible Citizen?

The most important thing you can do as a citizen is to vote during elections. Voting someone to run the country is a big responsibility for all citizen under it. When elections do happen, additional help is often needed to make sure that everyone’s vote gets counted. You can volunteer with the elections office or your preferred party and help count votes, and fill other support roles.

Protect the Future

Are you a Responsible Citizen?

Help build a good environment for better future. This is one of the main factors to be a cool responsible citizen. An example is recycling, the more we recycle the less the waste, so recycle as much as you can. Also, educating children about the importance of taking care of our environment and ways they can preserve it is one way to protect the future. Planting a couple of trees that can absorb carbon dioxide and help reduce heat. Walk more, drive less, the less time you spend driving, the less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Respect and love the environment more to build a brighter future.

Taking care of Health

Are you a Responsible Citizen?

Lastly, you must be healthy, taking caring of your body is also an important duty to be a good citizen. Why? When you get sick, you put others at risk. A responsible citizen doesn’t risk others.

Are you a Responsible Citizen?

As a citizen, you need to know how to be a part of it, how to express yourself. There is much more to being a citizen of a country than reciting the pledge or raising a flag. Being a responsible citizen doesn’t take much, It needs some common sense and a little bit of understanding.


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