Signs you Need to Let Go of your Relationship

There are things you can’t control and things you don’t want to happen in your life, but somehow it will eventually happen. It’s not the issue of who’s making the mistakes but about making the right choices. Because people always do stupid, selfish thing that may lead to faults. To some extent that you’re still wishing that somehow, something may change if you stay patient. Deep inside you know you’re just making an excuse for yourself. You feel the guilty of leaving your partner because of the attachment you made. You’re stuck in the past that you think you can’t move on.

Here are some signs you need to know it’s time let him/her go:

Obsession in a different level

Signs you Need to Let Go of your Relationship

Obsession can be from love to hate, like an addiction on something or someone. If you’re feeling this kind of emotion, you might want to consider to let go of that relationship before you became a psychopathic maniac. It’s time you stop before you lose your mind. This kind of emotion can affect your future and everyone around you. Take note that it will also scare the hell out of your partner. The more you drag yourselves in that hollow world of imagination of yours the more it devours your integrity as a person. Reflect on yourself and ask if it’s really love or obsession. If it is another way around better talk to your partner as soon as possible before you created a next door, psycho.

Cheating partners

If you prove it right that’s it, no more explanation needed, a cheater will always be a cheater. But there are some instances that they forgive their partner for doing it. Always remember this line; once is enough, two is too much, thrice is insane, and the fourth one, that is a huge stupidity. You deserve to be treated right, love yourself more, and find yourself peace. Remember, letting go of this kind of person is not a loss but  gain to you.

Foot on neck

Signs you Need to Let Go of your Relationship

If you ever feel you’re not confined or imprison if your partner is not around. The time you feel more comfortable when you’re alone with your friends rather than staying with your partner. Maybe it is time to asks why you feel this and consider a fact that you need to let go. Somehow the main reason for this sign is of lack of privacy, it’s like your neck is on their feet ready to step and choke you if don’t follow their rules and it’s so hard to breath with it. If you must know, a relationship is all about figuring out differences and how you handle them in a fine way. Give space if you must and don’t declare Martial law to your partner. Remember that respecting each other privacy is one of the keys in having a good relationship. You should know your boundaries and limitations to each other.

Miserable at best

If you’re consistently not enjoying yourself when you’re out on with your partner that supposedly to be a fun date, it’s probably time to end things with him/her. Clearly you need to get out of that relationship, I know it’s hard to break your relationship up, but doing it is much easier than not. Staying with your partner and prolonging that connection will only lead to more frustration and resentment and also may lead to harder consequences that you may regret in the future.

Intention of breaking up

Most of the time, when you are seriously considering breaking up but you haven’t done it yet because of something. You often think that it would be easier not tell your partner about it. It is normal in some instances but If these are thoughts you experiencing all of the time. Well you need to consider that you need to let go of your relationship.

Signs you Need to Let Go of your Relationship

In a relationship, sometimes doing what you know is right always may not be the right choice. Sometimes you have to watch things from a distance to see things more clearly. You have to take a step back to think more clearly. You might believe that you respecting your partner’s feelings, but as far as this sign is a concern you’re not. If you ever feel this signs  maybe it’s time you think about letting go of that relationship before  more damage is done. It is unfair to yourself to keep trying to justify why you’re holding on to toxicity. When you finally  learn to let go something better come along.


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