5 Important Keys to a Successful Relationship

A relationship is  a simple but complicated thing, unchangeable yet constant. Hey, I’m not saying that I am a love expert, but I see relationship on a daily basis that is why I manage to write this article especially who lose their way. People don’t meet by accident, they are meant to cross path for a reason, a reason to love, a reason to learn and to grow. We won’t even know what will happen in the future, we just cross our finger and have faith to what we have. Some relationship may last and some may sink like a paper boat because we are just human, humans who are  prone to make mistakes. As we make mistakes,  it teaches us the importance of self-worth. I cannot tell you how to have a successful relationship in an instant, but I can give you pointers to enlighten your perspective on having a successful relationship.

Here are five of the most important keys to a successful relationship:

Positive Interaction

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed in either good or bad. Research shows that relationships are most satisfying when we have more positive interactions than negative. As long as the number of positive interactions is lot higher, satisfaction will remain high.

Love and Trust

Most of the time love and trust expires over the time. If you only feel pity to your partner, it’s a sign  to let it go. Because without love and trust, relationship crumbles to dust and it may truly affect the person that surrounds you. Love is the basic building blocks of a relationship together with trust it hold the blocks together. It’s self-explanatory because we all experience it.  This is the thing we cannot teach to ourselves but must feel it within our hearts. Loving and trusting is the real challenge you must face to have a successful relationship.

Understanding and Forgiveness

Which does not kill you makes you stronger“, as the quotes say it can also be applied in a relationship. Understanding and forgiving usually starts with a sincere apology. To have the healthiest relationships, one should be able to quickly and effectively repair damage to their relationships. We’re not perfect and we’re fragile. We are easily hurt, but also we are fast to judge. The thing we should learn is how we handle one mistake and turn it to something positive. In a relationship, there will always be a struggle, without it no relationship will last and grow. But remember your limitation, and don’t be a stupid idiot.


Selfless is a simple yet big word, it can mean sacrifice, generous, loving, devoted, unselfish, helpful, open handed, kindness and sharing. A relationship is all about giving without expecting any in return.  Inside a relationship should give love, trust, kindness, and loyalty. Whatever it may be you desire, give it away. You will be amazed to see how much more of everything you have when you are willing to give freely with your selfless heart.


It means exchanging things with your partner for mutual benefit especially privileges granted to each other. In short it, give and take. Both people in the relationship are working to perform their duties to each other.  Taking an interest, acceptance and respect, giving the benefit of the doubt, meeting each other’s needs, providing positive interactions. The best way to have a successful and fruitful relationship.

Sometimes you cannot see what love is  but if you close your eyes, you’ll see what the difference. Relationships are mysterious thing. We must doubt the negative in life, and have faith in the positive. In every dark hour, there is always a light and stronger in a contrast. It has a lot of unsolvable problems and will always continue to cycle through. If we fall, learn from those  mistakes and continue to move on.  As long as you believe in the love, a relationship will never fade. Because love worth giving can only be perfected through oneself.


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