Stop Worrying and Start Living Now

Stop Worrying and Start Living Now

Remember the last time you ever felt uneasy on an event that doesn’t even occur yet or something with an uncertain outcome. That strange nervousness that makes your heartbeat rises that makes your blood pressure high and it felt strange if you don’t do something. Always asking the question what will I do or what will happen if? But the real truth is that you can’t do anything at all but to worry. Some people fret too much that they allow themselves to dwell on troubles that doesn’t even exist. Yet people don’t learn, we do the same things over and over again, worry too much and do action less. Others think that they will fail if they try so they make more excuses to run from their troubles and the only thing they could do is worry which never stop if you make a routine out of it. And their are some people who exaggerated their worries and expect a negative outcome in troubling situations and sometimes it may lead to many negative results. Remember this my friend, there is always an answer to every question we ask, a keys to every lock, we just need to see it ourselves.  I too have this kind of situation and experience it more often but I got myself covered. It’s not that hard to deal with problems on your own if just do it in a the right way. Just  remember this, fear is not your enemy it is your friend, it is always there so embrace it.

Stop Worrying and Start Living Now
If you are worrying every time about everything, now is the time to stop and also maybe you are an Emo. Now stop cutting yourself and think what should be done, worrying too much doesn’t help solve anything and It makes the thing much worse. Think with reasoning and then analyze, that’s the real key. As we can see thinking without reasoning is way too different, thinking is just thinking, and that make no sense at all, but reasoning and analyzing, that’s level two. I mean it’s just simply examine, inspect, study, explore, review, evaluate, and break down everything that matters. Easier said than done but bottom line it is all up to you and how you deal with it. Just don’t over think and you’ll be fine. If get the gist of it then it would be easier next time around. Trust me.

 Stop Worrying and Start Living Now

Now you analyze with reasoning, it does not end there. Let us make a plan, a reasonable effective plan. A plan doesn’t work all the time and we all aware of that so if plan A doesn’t work, there is always a plan B and plan C, that’s how you should think. Make a backup plan, explore the limitless possibilities, think with reasoning and remember to make an actual plan and I’m talking literally. If you want to win a war with yourself and beat that anxieties you should not plan an out of this world plan, we are not James Bond or ninjas remember that. Well, it’s your choice you can do everything you want and maybe just skip this step it’s fine, but I suggest you start hoping that Lady Luck will kiss you with her grace.

It is not so bad though to have a plan in advance and remember to think positive and be more realistic about that plans of yours. Take note that if you make a plan you should also execute it, without implementation at all you will be on circles planning and failing then start all over again with more fear and worrying.  What you should be doing is you get started and trust that you will succeed. An example is if your boss required you to finish a two-day project in eight hours, what you be the effective plan? Of course, you should stop worrying and start now like there is no tomorrow, that a simple yet effective and realistic plan indeed. Well, if your problem is mafia tailing your ass, I think you should do the JB’s thingy, maybe jump on the building or start shooting someone might be a good plan.

Down to the conclusion the hardest thing you have to face is not some troubles but the fear within yourself, the feeling of uselessness when you can’t do anything or the guilt that weighs on you when you make mistakes.  My point is the feeling of uneasiness and troubles are normal, it is how people manage it that make them stronger and make them more human. In this world there are some things you can’t fight and some things you have to live with. Emotion stir but if fear consumes you, then you lose in an instant. Basically, a reality is like an edge of a mountain of irrationality that we’ve managed to drag ourselves up onto for a few moments before we slip back into the sea of the unreal that is how the world works. But you shouldn’t give up on fear but give yourself up to yourself and begin to believe and trust that no matter how hard it maybe, win or lose, you will do this, you will deal with it, and you will overcome it because believing is the one of the secret to success.  Believe me this will set you free from your troubles, we are not perfect people, we do feel emotions that we don’t need and troubles will always be there. It comes and it goes, just go on ahead and be the best imperfect person you can be then you will see how good you are in dealing with it. If you overcome it, then good for you. Now your ready to party!


5 thoughts on “Stop Worrying and Start Living Now

  1. I like happiness for the moment will not come back again just like the old days that we can still catch a glimpse from the fireflies before darkness surrounds everything around us.


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