The Cliché of New Year’s Resolution and Why Others Are still Trying to Make One

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black backgroundStudies proven that less than half people who makes their own New Year’s resolutions succeeds in fulfilling them. Imagine that? People are just having commitment problems that are why they can’t continue the resolution. This shows that making New Year’s resolution is a cliché, an old tradition that people are fond of doing.


Once the New Year started many will accompany themselves with the list of what they so called, New Year’s resolution that in latter time, they will fail to continue. People will shout out their plans to lose weight, to save up enough money, to star reading books, to be a good boy or to date someone this time but it all end up with another New Year’s resolution going back to the previous resolution. It’s complicated but it’s true. All of this are good plans and goals but if one didn’t put up an effort and commitment in making this goal happens then apparently this set up plan will be just a trash waiting for a dumpster to come and get it.


Often, New Year’s resolutions will only be possible in the first few months of the year. The rest will be history. Wait, in the first place you don’t have to set a resolution because it’s automatic. It’s normal that you have to quit smoking for your health, that you have to lose the amount of food that you eat because your gaining weight, that you have to save for the future and that you must not cheat with your girlfriend. These common resolutions are also common human actions that must be observed and practice. You don’t have to wait for another new year or another list to do it.


You try to change for the better every year but the thing is, you cannot commit on the list that you made. It’s a lame excuse. If you really want to change, you don’t need a resolution. Change immediately. Give yourself a motivation to continue what you’ve started. You have to be driven and eager to achieve your goals. And you have to realize that this life is continues. Yeah, year ends but not the fact that your goals end also. Be persistent and consistent. Be mindful of your plans and goals. Don’t get distracted by life’s appealing lust. Focus.


It’s never too late or too soon to start new goals. Just make sure that you will make it happened. Start the New Year with goals that is not from reality so you can make it throughout the year. Make it little but little, not all at once. Set one goal then if you finished it then have another one. New Year is not a requirement to set new goals. It can be any part of the month. It can be this time. It’s up to you. Sometimes being spontaneous will help you. Life is not constant. Surprise yourself each day. Think that every day is another New Year.



2 thoughts on “The Cliché of New Year’s Resolution and Why Others Are still Trying to Make One

  1. as far as i can remember, I fulfill my new year’s resolution as many as how the studies proved on how many people actually fulfilled their new years resolution~ Some of it were really hard to do, like avoiding more than 3 cups of rice everyday. but these resolutions, once successfully done, makes us a better person~


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