Nine More Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee

coffeeJust when you thought the hype is over and coffee shops are slowly calming down, caffeine enthusiasts are actually taking it a notch higher by discovering new ways to enjoy their cup of coffee. From a simple cup of black coffee, it’s not just about what type of coffee you want and how you want it served anymore, it is now also a matter of how your coffee is made.

An article published by the Huffington Post took the initiative to test and see which method of coffee making will produce the best results. The writer of that article gathered a group of people to discuss and vote on what makes the best cup. The experiment consists of wine brewers, Dunkin Donut’s coffee beans and people who enjoy a good cup of coffee regularly but are not really considered experts on the category. Ranked from the lowest, with No. 1 being the very best, this is what they found out.

  1. Percolator

Percolators are these standard-looking coffee pots with a chamber at the bottom and often a stainless steel body. A percolator brews the coffee by boiling water from the chamber and tube assembly where the liquid will travel to the pot with the coffee grounds from where the coffee will be dripping. This is a not a good way to enjoy your coffee as it will produce a somehow tarry and bitter liquid, a result of accidentally boiling the coffee grounds. The verdict: “This stuff will turn boys into men, and I don’t mean that in a good way,” one taster commented.

  1. Soft brew

Soft brew is a “press pot without the press”, as one reviewer called it. Minimalist in design, it will go well along with devices and appliances like that of Braun. Soft brew is basically an infusion brewer, which like the press pot sans the press. To brew, the first thing you do is preheat the pot (called the Oskar), place the ground coffee on the filter, add water, stir, let the ground steep for a few minutes and you’re done. The verdict though is not that great: “Strong aroma, weak flavor”, as one taster said.

  1. Automatic Coffee Maker

The mother of all coffee making appliances, an automatic coffee maker is pretty standard in all office pantries and kitchen. But standard coffee calls for standard reviews. Some of the actual comments by tasters include unenthusiastic Okays and “Too weak to tell”.

 automatic coffee maker

  1. Vacuum Pot

Also known as siphon coffee makers, vacuum pots make pretty good coffee. Some tasters thought it produces a nice, smooth cup with “really low acid” and “super mellow flavor”. Others thought it was weak and needed a little more kick. It seems like it. Fun to watch how to make coffee using siphon pots as you can see right through the filters and the pot.

  1. Coffee Cone

With its simple setup, one can’t help but underestimate the brewing power of a coffee cup. Take away the pot, the boiler and the electricity; a coffee cone will still leave you with a highly satisfying cup of brewed coffee. “Not bad – good and strong”, one taster commented. Using a #2 paper filter, fill the cone with coffee, put hot water over it and watch as the coffee drips right into your cup.

  1. Aero press

“Obviously brewed with care, zest and attention”, one taster commented about coffee brewed using an Aero press. Huffington thinks so too, claiming it to be one of their favorite kitchen toys. Technically, it uses air pressure to extract the brew from the beans, allowing you to get all the best, first bits of coffee extracted from the grounds without the bitter stuff, all because of the air pressure.aeropress

  1. French Press

Tasters are raving about the popular French press because of its “full flavor” and a taste akin to what Starbucks offers.

  1. Technivorm

Beautiful in form, Technivorm does not disappoint especially in flavor. Even tech site Gizmodo took notice of it, pointing out that perfect water temperature while brewing is the secret to a good cup. According to the site’s review, it promises maximized flavor from the grounds and minimized bitterness, which most of the tasters can attest to.

  1. Chemex

Apparently what constitutes to the perfect cup of brewed coffee is low-acid flavor, strong aroma and flavor and as little bitter taste as possible. All of that and more is what the testers found from Chemex; as one taster puts it, “Working man’s brew”.


So there, the coffee lovers can now enjoy their cup of coffee into a more creative and innovative way.


6 thoughts on “Nine More Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee

  1. I always using some of these instruments without knowing their names. ha! ha! Anyways, you may use some of these instruments but not all of them to make a particular cup of coffee. Trying other things is what makes your coffee time more enjoyable..


  2. I love Hot Coffee, because coffee is number one source of antioxidants, which have been linked to many health benefits such as protection against heart disease and cancer.


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