English: The Dictating Language

english dictationg languageEnglish has been considered as the “universal language.” Day to day transactions, locally and internationally are greatly influenced and manipulated by the use of English. Filipinos are considered as one of the best speakers of the said language to the fact that Philippines is the third largest English speaking nation in the globe.

Based on recent studies, year after year, the proficiency of Filipino in English continues to decline. Perhaps, for some, only reflects on the current standard of the Philippines Educational System.

Department of Education (DepEd) has ordered that English should be the teaching medium exceeding Filipino in the present curriculum. Schools have a massive English Speaking campaign. Just take your school campus for example wherein “Speak English” policy is an advocacy. It is said to be moved advantageous if one could write, converse and understand English completely.

Books of different courses, even those for intermediate levels, products’ information in the market, forms to be accomplished are all written in English. One of the major requirements in looking for a job is that applicants must be able to communicate, write and understand the language of the whites; even interviews are conducted in the said language. If reading a broadsheet is your morning habit, it would be hard for you to find one in our local dialect, there is a lot if you prefer tabloids. Avid readers of worthy and educational magazines are all in English. It is a good thing that there’s a Filipino translation of the Holy Scripture.

english dictationg language1Despite the dominant boon of using English, there are always disadvantages. The perception that people who do not know or able to speak the universal language are judged to be dull. This idea was greatly condemned by the nationalists and critics. For some reasons, there are a lot of Filipinos who are becoming too critical towards the English grammar of others. Let’s take the Vilma-Kris incident for example. Many netizens bashed the Star-for-All-Seasons for making a mistake on her note for Kris Aquino. This incident does not just happen to celebrities but even to normal Filipinos.

See: Despite flak, Vilma Santos thanks grammar police

Proficiency in English is an absolute factor to progress but it doesn’t mean that a nation who is not knowledgeable enough with this language will never be advancing. It is not an impediment. English is not warmly embraced by Japan and France but it is proven that they have a respectable economy.

Precisely, there is nothing so bad to master a foreign language as long as we do not overlook our national language. In line with this, dropping the Filipino subjects in college must be condemned. Our identity remains as long as our language lives!

Let’s not put to waste how President Manuel Quezon fought just for us to have our very own language. And remember as how Jose Rizal said, “Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa sa malansang isda.”

We must admit that it is an extra credit to learn English but there’s always a limit to everything.




8 thoughts on “English: The Dictating Language

  1. We need to speak in our own language wherever we go because that is our very own tag for being a Filipino. But because we are very teachable, we were able to speak different languages from around the world. Why is English language speaking in the Philippines declining? That is because those Filipinos who are really good in English are now living and even acquired citizenship to English speaking countries.


  2. I agree with your blog. We Filipinos must love our own language but we also have to learn foreign language because it is the way to communicate to foreign people…It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to speak well in English, what matters most is you can communicate and you understand it.


  3. The reason why English proficiency in the Philippines is deteriorating because most of the Filipinos who speaks English proficiently are living in English speaking countries like U.S. and Canada. We need to speak English for us to be more competitive globally. Who would think that English language will give a lot of job to the Filipinos through BPO’s and Contact center industry? That’s why English language is important but don’t forget our very own language. No other countries have Filipino as their language.


  4. Bakit nga ba tayo ingles ng ingles kung pinoy naman ang kausap natin?

    Tanong ko lang,Yung japanese ba nag-eenglish? bakit sila umaasenso? tayo hindi?


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