Add Confidence, Subtract Fear

Add Confidence Subtract FearI often hear students grumble about their Mathematics class. And everyone has at least one math horror story. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and snowed under by math, but with the help of some simple study tips, a lot of hard work, and the willingness to get better at this subject, math will be no longer your waterloo. Let me share to you these simple things and I hope for a subtraction in fear and an addition in confidence.

attend class1

Attend Class

Never skip math class. You’re going to need to know the lesson yesterday in order to understand the new lesson today. Every single bit of lesson matters.

attend class

Ask Questions

Most of the time, students flunk math because they’re afraid to ask questions. Big mistake! There’s no shame in asking that the methods and concepts be re-explained.

participate in class 


Participate in Class

The teacher wants to see you striving to learn. Even if you don’t get the correct answers, the fact that you’re trying instead of just gazing into mathematical space counts for something.

do the homework

do the homework1

Do the Homework

Homework is practice and practice makes perfect. Practice allows you to see what you’re doing wrong in solving problems. Don’t just do the assigned pages, go ahead to the next topic and try your hand at it before it’s taken up in class. If your teacher asks to solve ten math problems, do answer 20. The more you work, the more you learn. Doing homework doesn’t just help to improve grades, it also teaches us discipline, responsibility, a love for learning and how to work independently.

study with groupStudy with a Group

Math is easier to understand by the numbers – try to study with friends. Do problems together, review the day’s lesson, even quiz each other. A great plus of studying with friends is that if you don’t understand something. It’s less intimidating to ask for their help than asking a teacher.

True enough on what Jordan Ellenberg, a professor of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison said, “People are not used to taking a loose and easy approach to math. They get very tight and tense around math because they have so much fear and anxiety about it,” In addition, he said, “People dislike math because they don’t like being told that they’re wrong. And it’s not incorrect to see math as a realm where there are right and wrong answers. But the thing is: knowledge in math does not come about because the teacher says it’s so. Math is a realm where people can demonstrate the rightness of answers to themselves. So if part of what creates the fear of math is wanting to avoid being wrong, then learning to like math is about learning to be willing to mess up.”

Bear in mind that you have to face your fear. Become aware of the fear. Bring it to consciousness. Write it down and play it out. Have fun with math. Solving puzzles is math. This is all that mathematicians do. They just like to play and solve puzzles. Don’t judge the level of difficulty of puzzles. Just have fun solving them and you’ll never going to fear math again.




7 thoughts on “Add Confidence, Subtract Fear

  1. Actually i hate Math dahil mahina ako pag dating sa mga problem solving and inaamin ko naman yun, pero diba nga may kasabihan practice makes perfect kaya lahat ng bagay napag aaralan dipende nalang sa tao kung may tiyaga at may diterminasyong matuto. tama wag matakot at mawalan ng tiwala sa sarili. study hard and iwanan ang lahat ng bagay na hindi makakatulong sayo lalo na sa future mo 🙂


  2. Math is the only subject where I got the lowest grades ever from grade school to college. But I didn’t hate math at all. You are right that studying math in advance helped me improve my grades before. I built my confidence up and conquered my fear with math. I did not excel in the subject but there was a lot of improvement.


  3. Do you believe that fear of math is a learned behavior?

    I always struggled with math in school, except for one year that I had a teacher that explained and taught in a way I understood.. the only year I had a decent mark in math. Now that I am an adult I feel math could have been fun.


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