A Peek inside Your Parents’ Heads

A Peek inside Your Parents’ Heads

Parents play a critical role in the development and nurturing of a child. Thus, this role does not end because parents have to play their roles for as long as they breathe.

Moreover, let’s not forget that children play a role too. And that is to give back to the parents. But let’s be honest, we do not always fulfill this role. And so, let me share with you some key points as our guide to understand and love our parents more.

  1. It is part of your parent’s job to teach you things.

And it started way back then when you were a baby. Mom and Dad taught you to stand, to walk and to talk. Your parents have been teaching you things your whole life but it is only now that there are things you find less fun to learn, like being responsible with money or cleaning up after yourself. To you, it may seem like nagging. But to your parents, it’s just the teaching process continuing.

  1. Parents have feelings.

Most of the time, parents don’t have the comfort of letting you know when you’ve hurt their feelings – like when you go to the mall with them but insist on covering 10 feet behind so you can pretend that you don’t even know them. Or maybe you told them that you were going to school, but they found out later that you and your friends hung out together.A Peek inside Your Parents’ Heads

  1. Adolescence is kind of scary to parents.

A lot of parents can never quite figure it out, what happened to the little kid whose pictures hung on their wall? There you are as a baby, preschooler, an elementary student – all smiley and obedient. And here you are, possibly scowly-faced and aggressive lied across the floor, a telephone growing out of your ear. It’s almost as if their child has been replaced by a stranger.

  1. Parents don’t mean to embarrass you.

Your Mom actually likes that red and purple sweater with black lightning bolts on it. She bought it at a boutique in the 80’s. She’s not wearing it to try and get attention. And your dad? I don’t know why he keeps that weave shirt that shows his swelling stomach, but it’s definitely not to embarrass you.A Peek inside Your Parents’ Heads

  1. Parents don’t always say what they mean.

They usually mean it when they say “Stop teasing your sister” or “Pull up that math grade or you won’t be going out for basketball.” But sometimes you have to read between the lines. Say you’re just about to walk out the door and your dad says. “Be careful now.” What your dad means is “I love you so much and I couldn’t stand it if anything bad happens to you.”

  1. Parents care about their kid’s spiritual needs

Many parents consider church as ideal places for you to go and learn about God and meet other people your age. They don’t consider church boring or uncool, and they’re not trying to make you miserable by expecting you to go. Chances are; if you go enough, you’ll learn to enjoy church, meet new friends, and have exciting opportunities to serve the Lord.A Peek inside Your Parents’ Heads

  1. Parents like to hear what you’re doing and thinking.

When your parents ask questions about what you’re up to, right away you think they’re being curious. But really, they’re just interested. Other times you think they don’t care. Maybe Mom is busy stir frying dinner and Dad is on the phone with a client. Nobody has time to hear how the science laboratory caught fire because of you and your burner. It’s not that your parents don’t care, it’s just that they’re so busy earning a living and taking care of the house that they get worried. Pick the right time to let them in on what you’re up to.

  1. Parents are in charge, whether they want to be or not.

If there’s a bottom line to all this, it’s that your parents are accountable for your upbringing – accountable to God and to themselves. If you mess up and get into something unthinkable, such as drinking or drugs, most parents won’t place the ultimate blame on the store that sold you the alcohol or the person who sold you drugs, they will blame themselves for what you did. They will feel that they failed in raising you.

While we can’t speak for every parent, hopefully these 8 things will help get you on the road to understanding your parents better. Think about these things from time to time, and you may be able to improve the quality of your life at home.frabz-Parenting-What-my-friends-think-I-do-What-my-mom-thinks-I-do-Wha-d1e48a


12 thoughts on “A Peek inside Your Parents’ Heads

  1. It will be hard for teenagers to understand what’s in the mind of their parents until the time that they are parents too. Parents are always protective to their children because it will definitely hurt them if anything wrong happens to their children. Not only hurt them but also affect them emotionally, and even financially. Most of the time, we misunderstand our parents when they tell us things and treat us like children even though we are old enough or in the right age. Parenting is a lifetime responsibility to our children. So children, whether young or old do not ever think that when your old enough, parents should not care for you because you can handle yourselves. As long as your parents live, they will always be concerned.


  2. Isa lang ang msasabe ko sa aking Pamilya.


    dahil nabuhay ako at lumaki ng maayos na may takot sa diyos, respeto sa sarili, pag mahahal sa kapwa. maraming salamat sa pagmamahal at gabay patungo sa tamang landas na aking tatahakin na hanggang ngayon nandiyan parin kayo upang alalayan ako sa aking buhay. kayo ang aking pamilya na hindi mawawala magpakailan man.


  3. Our parents deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood, provided us with the necessities of life, and nursed us through physical illnesses and the emotional stresses of growing up. Even if our parents is sometimes annoying at the end of the day, our parents will be our most overwhelming key to our success.


  4. There’s no other things parent’s would wanted their child is to have a better future and to be come a better person. No matter how much their sacrifices. They have their huge responsibility for their children.


  5. Guys always respect and listen to our parents. Because, according to the bible from a biblical view from the ten commandments. “Honor your father and mother and you will have a good life.” This is the first of the commandments that gives you a promise at the end.


  6. Youngsters should read these points you posted, so that it will help them understand the true meaning of children and parents. Constant communication, bonding, and other activities should instill to children while they’re growing up. Respect, love, motivation and other aspects of parenting should be observed too. Fernando Lachica


  7. Nice article. When I was young, I was so scared to my mother.. but now as we get old, she is cooler and friendlier.. Now that I get old, I start to feel that it’s not easy to be a parent. They have to act tough when inside their heart, they are hurting a little whenever they discipline the child.


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