hello kittYyMany Hello-Kitty fans are arguing whether Hello Kitty is a cat or not, here is an article that tells some real facts about CATS!

Cats are members of the “Felidae” family. They are meat-eating mammals of the order “Carnivora”. Wild cats are found throughout the world while domestic cats (felis catus) date back several thousands of years to ancient Egypt, where they may have been derived from Caffre cat (Felis libyca). Modern domestic cats belong to several breeds. They are valued as pets and are often exhibited at cat shows.

There are two classifications of cats namely WILD CATS and DOMESTIC CATS.

catmontageWILD CATS

Lynx – bobtailed members of the cat’s family, includes the Canadian, European and Spanish lynx, as well as the bobcat and caracal, which stand somewhat apart from others.

Bobcat – the wide-ranging wild cat of America, which probably got its name from its short tail and lolloping gait rather like that of a rabbit.

Caracal – it is long legged and is better adopted for running than most of the other cats, although it also shows remarkable agility and leaping ability.

Puma – also known as cougar. It can live quite happily in mountains, swamps, savannah and forest from sea level to as high as 13,000 ft.

Cheetah – it shows many dog-like characteristics that are not to be found in the other cats. It is the fastest mammal in the world.

Jaguar – it is sometimes confused with the leopard because both have spots in rosettes but those of the jaguar have a black spot at the center.

Lion – the largest of the big cats, after tiger. It is one of the “big five roaring cats” and therefore is closely related to tiger, leopard and jaguar.

Ocelot – the ocelot is a small but highly patterned cat of the general leopard type. Its skin is very attractive to be of interest to the fur trade.

Serval – unusual looking member of the cat family because of the very long legs and large erect ears.

Tiger – the largest of the cats, but they are slimmer and narrower in the body that of lions’, and only an expert can distinguish between the skeletons of the species.

Leopard – one of the smaller of the big cats similar to the jaguar with which it appears to have a common ancestor in the recent past.

Clouded leopard – is the largest of all the Asian purring cats, and differs from the big cats in having hyoid bones that are continuous.

Snow leopard – one of the most beautiful of the Big cats. It has been placed in a separate genus from the true leopard because of its short muzzle and the differences in the skull.

grouphomepageDOMESTIC CATS

British Blue – one of the many breeds of domestic cats which despite differences in colors, are all much the same shape.

Marmalade Variety – is familiar with its yellowish color.

Burmese – Gray-Black in color and have a large erect ears.

Manx – short haired breeds and very remarkable for being tailless.

Persian – with long fur

Siamese – cat with black color on its face and foot, and dirty white in color.

Russian Blue – is familiar with a small eyes and small size.

Cyprus – is familiar with its stripes in fur.

Chinchilla – it is raised in farms for their valuable fur and the ease with which they are reared has probably saved them from extinction.

Abyssinian – nearest in looks to the cats of Ancient Egypt.

The cat family is diverse. Cats have muscular bodies and are efficient hunters armed with acute eyesight, great agility, and a sharp set of teeth. Some felids can take down prey that are much larger than themselves, providing evidence of their well-honed skills as predators.

Despite being solitary hunters, cats are a social species, and cat communication includes the use of a variety of vocalizations (mewing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling and grunting) as well as cat pheromones, and types of cat-specific body language

Fun Facts About Cats:

  • Some cats have survived falls of over 65 feet (20 meters), due largely to their “righting reflex.” The eyes and balance organs in the inner ear tell it where it is in space so the cat can land on its feet. Even cats without a tail have this ability
  • On average, cats spend 2/3 of every day sleeping. That means a nine-year-old cat has been awake for only three years of its life.

For more Fun Facts about cats, visit:

Per se: HELLO KITTY IS A CAT! rumors have spread worldwide regarding Hello Kitty being a “human.” But as a matter of fact the statement shared by a previous writer was just oversimplified. Sanrio gave it’s reply to the spread out news-Hello Kitty is a cat that “represents” a cute Japanese little girl. Happy now? You’re childhood wasn’t ruined as of mine too. 🙂




  1. I love domestic cats because they can remove stress as long as you take good care of them. Old people say that they also get the illness of the members of the family. Thank you for the information about cats. Nice blog!


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