Tapsilogan on the Go!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhenever I feel hungry and have little money to spare, there is one type of restaurant that I always look around for, it is the Tapsihan or some may call it Tapsilogan. Tapsihan is a kind of restaurant which specifically serves Tapsilog or “tapa, sinangag, and itlog”. Tapa is made of beef strips marinated in salt and mixed seasonings and best if fried or grilled. Sinangag or fried rice/garlic rice in English is rice sautéed in onion and garlic added with seasonings. Lastly, the egg which is usually cooked in a sunny side up method. Those three put together makes a very nice Tapsilog dish. We can find tapsihans wherever we go, from streets to villages to corporate areas. This is different from karinderya since tapsihans are offering specific meals which always includes garlic rice and egg. It is an all-time favorite breakfast of the Filipinos but nowadays, it is also served during lunch and dinner. Since Filipinos are known to be very innovative when it comes to food, they produce other food that can be matched with garlic rice and egg.

Daingsilogdaing, fried rice and fried egg

Adosilog – adobo, fried rice and fried egg

Bacsilog – bacon, fried rice and fried egg

Bangsilog – bangus (milkfish), fried rice and fried egg

Bisteksilog – beef steak, fried rice and fried egg

Dangsilog – danggit (rabbitfish), fried rice and fried egg

Vicsilog – vic (chinless hogfish), fried rice and hard-cooked egg yolks

Chosilog – chorizo, fried rice and fried egg

Chiksilog – fried chicken, fried rice and fried egg

Cornsilog – corned beef, fried rice and fried egg

Hotsilog – hotdog, fried rice and fried egg

Longsiloglongganisa, fried rice and fried egg

Litsilog – lechon, fried rice and fried egg

Masilog – Ma Ling Chinese luncheon meat, fried rice and fried egg

SPAMsilog – SPAM luncheon meat, fried rice and fried egg

Tosilog – tocino, fried rice and fried egg


These dishes are all fried as well to match fried rice and egg. In other Tapsihans, they put side dish like atchara or vegetable mix just to make it more balanced. Tapsihans are recognized all over the country not only in street restaurants but also by high end diners. Some of these are “Rufo’s Famous Tapa”, “Tapsi Boy”, “Kawit’s Hidden Tapsihan”, “GoodAh!”, “Max’s”, and “Tapa King”. Even fast food chains like “Jollibee”, “Mcdonalds”, “Greenwich” and “Chowking” include tapsilog in their breakfast menu.

There was this Chicago restaurant that was featured by ABS-CBN, it is called “Uncle Mike’s Place”. This restaurant serves different Tapsilog dishes to the locals especially to the Filipinos. The developing restaurant is owned by Chef Mike Grajewsk and her Filipina wife named Lucia who is the mastermind of their Filipino-ambiance type of restaurant. They also serve different Filipino favorite breakfast dishes aside from Tapsilog.

Filipino cuisines are really well presented even outside the country. It deserves to be preserved and passed on to the next generation.


13 thoughts on “Tapsilogan on the Go!

  1. I love these combination of food that makes it a good breakfast. Sinangag and itlog are my favorite breakfast dish and the innovation made by adding tocino or hotdog and others make it more interesting. It will be more delicious with buttered vegetables to make the menu completely nourishing. I enjoy it and I think you too. Give it a try!


  2. Actually lahat ng pagkain sa tapsilogan ay masarap at enjoy kainin dahil dalawa ang ulam at masarap na sinangag ang matitikman sa ganitong klaseng kainan, ngunit iba iba ang taste ng mga tao pag dating sa pagkain ng tapsilog, like me ang favorite kong tapsilog ay yung porksilog at chicksilog. Halos nakakatatlong friedrice ako kapag ganitong klase ang kinakain ko,,, nandiyan na yung sasabayan mo ng toyo na may kalamansi at sili mapapa wow ka sa sarap at gaganahan ka sa pagkain. pero siyemprepwede din natin ito gawin sa ating tahanan kung tinatamad tayong kumain sa labas, maaari kang mag luto ng itlog at kung anong klase ang gusto mong i partner at siyempre hindi mawawala ang kanin na dapat isangag pero ok lang naman kahit hindi na isangag masarap din naman siya…………. basta ang lage lang naten tatandaan na wag tayo makalimot sa pagkaing gulay,,,,,,,,,


  3. I really love it! I made that combination even if I stay at home..its easy to do by your own style which I serve every morning.. Love it! cheap but has a good taste.. No need to go to restaurant or fast eating at Tapsilogan!


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