Beauty: A Blessing and a Curse?

MARILYN MONROEThe question of beauty as being a blessing or a curse may sound ridiculous. You may even wonder why it is even being asked since we are fond of beauty nowadays; from photo-shopped pictures in magazines and billboards up to “Thank you, Dra. Belo” greetings by random celebrities.

Well, let me tell you that beauty is in fact a blessing and a curse. Yes, it’s true. You may get a lot of male attention but it’s not always easy to decipher if it’s accompanied by sincerity or not. You get special treatment by cutting through long lines but others take offense by you doing that. Your car might get extra attention at the car wash, but maybe you are in a rush and really don’t have that extra time to get along with those flirty men. Majority of beautiful women make poor choices when picking partners because men don’t come with signs indicating the quality of their character and just because we have the gift of beauty doesn’t mean we also have the gift of good judgment. The guy who may easily size up as a potential partner may just seduce the beautiful women into thinking that he really understands but in truth, he just wants a trophy girlfriend.

Beautiful women definitively enjoy special treatment and a number of benefits in everyday life but they are also facing many obstacles, stereotypes, constant scrutiny.

  1. Women hate beautiful women – The truth is women care too much towards other women. Women, unlike men run a lot of comparisons with one another. If you want to test this, just ask a woman about what she thinks about another woman. Confident women will just comment about her low cut dresses but the other 98% will say that her nose is unusually big or refer negatively towards her breasts. The attitude becomes that of “oh she thinks she’s all that” or “those are fake anyway”. The aspect of hate is not foreign to most women when it comes to beauty unless they themselves are stunners.  BEAUTY: A BLESSING AND A CURSE?
  2. Men hallucinate – there are two main hallucinations a man can have towards a beautiful woman. First, he dreams that the woman is his property and his sex toy. Second, men that can’t have a beautiful woman have to live with that fact, therefore tend to convince themselves that beautiful women are evil creatures that they really don’t want to be with, make love to or spend time with.Very-Motivational-Emma-Watson-Funny-Meme-Comics-Captions-Picture
  3. Mass media’s image of a beautiful woman – mass media has truly contributed to the stereotypes of beautiful women as to many other stereotypes for that matter. Beautiful women then tend to be under constant pressure. They usually feel like they have to prove to others that they are not empty headed or gold diggers who just think about themselves. They are frequently judged by others and they are well aware that everybody (men and women) is constantly checking them out.Dove-real-beauty-campaign

To conclude,” it is safe to say that a woman that only has physical beauty is cursed whereas a woman that is beautiful inside-out is goddess-like. Anything in between (and most beauties are somewhere in between) is perfectly fine – a golden mean, as Aristotle would say.”





8 thoughts on “Beauty: A Blessing and a Curse?

  1. Well ang masasabe ko lang, hindi nababase sa iyong katauhan kung pinanganak kang maganda o panget, ang mahalaga ay kung paano ka rumespesto sa sarili mo at mag mahal sa ibang tao that’s it!


  2. I agree with your conclusion about beauty. The beauty inside is what matters most and not the outside. Those disadvantages of being beautiful are becoming more likely to evolve because of fake beauties brought about by technology.


  3. I would like to share something.

    There was this observation-study; 2 girls were advised to use the fashion style on a particular day. these 2 girls know each other but not friends. at same time, 2 boys were also advised to use the same fashion style on the same particular day. Like the girls, these boys knows each other but not friends. after a week, these people completely forgot that they’ve been to use a specific style yet they were still sure that they should use them. The next day, they used the advised style and met on 1 place. The outcome was surprising. the 2 boys smiled on each other complementing their good taste in style. the girls in the other hand, fought.

    The conclusion, in terms of beauty and style, girls often to feel humiliation and sometimes insecurity if they saw other girls having the exact same thing they possess. most of girls strive to stand out rather than to blend with other girls. some guys may feel the same way but not entirely. they would rather keep it to themselves if they feel it rather than converting them to actions.


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