Food Never Wins

manvfoodI was watching television last night when I suddenly found myself watching a travel channel. The show being played literally turned my stomach upside down. The show is called “Man vs. Food”. I am a fan of food reality show programs in Food Network and TLC but this particular one is different and interesting at the same time.

“Man vs. Food” is an American food reality television series that deals with America’s “Big Food”. It premiered last December 8, 2008 on a travel channel. The show’s format is both documentary and contest-like. It is hosted by an American actor and television personality, Adam Richman, who has a very serious appetite. Adam explores different cities around the United States to discover their finest food in terms of its quality and quantity.

man-vs-foodAt the beginning of the program, the host will first show the process and the ingredients included in making such palatable food. He also interviews some of the city locals to ask them questions about the popular food in place visited. The show is not only focusing on just one food but all of the dazzling dishes that the resident restaurants are offering. At the end of the show Adam will do the challenge, and that is to eat all the food in the platter that will be served to him. Just a piece of information, the amount of food that he eats in every challenge is not a joke. The quantity is really huge and impossible for one person to finish. The deal of the test is that if Adam finishes all of the food then he wins the challenge but if not the food will take the crown.

man-v-foodThe show consists of four seasons: Season 1 (December 2008–March 2009) which has 11 wins for “Man” and 7 wins for “Food”, Season 2 (August–December 2009) with 13 wins for “Man” and 7 wins for “Food”, Season 3: (June–October 2010) with 12 wins for “Man” and 8 wins for “Food” and Season 4 (May 2011–April 2012) which has been titled Man vs. Food Nation with 11 wins for “Man” and 16 wins for “Food”. The Man vs. Food Nation is the only season where food won over man. Its format is also a little different than those first 3 seasons because Adam refrained himself from doing the challenge. What they did was to ask the locals to do the challenge instead, and him as the coach.

Image 1The early retirement of Adam Richman was not explained on the show but according to the CEO of “Scripps Networks”, Ken Lowe, if Adam continues the show with the same format, his health will be in danger. When I tried to look for its previous episodes, I noticed that the host really gained a lot of weight, not to mention the food components which are mainly red meat and fried dishes. Of course, his health would really be in peril. But at the end, at least the show became successful because of Adam’s hard work and the staffs’ creative minds. They gave a one of a kind delightful experience to the viewers who are food enthusiasts. Two thumbs up for a great show!


11 thoughts on “Food Never Wins

  1. This show entertains us by showcasing a town/city’s best eating joints. These are places where regular folks eat and shows us signature dishes for a city/town/restaurant. They vary from greasy spoons, mom and pop joints, seafood, fast food, dairy bars, etc. Those who hate this show and find it disgusting and gross need to realize that it is a TV show meant to entertain, not educate us.


  2. This is really an interesting television reality show. But also a dangerous one for the one being challenged to eat the foods in every place he visits. What about the challenge be given to the malnourished people for at least one week per person so it can make a difference in the life of those challengers. This kind of challenge will always lead to gaining weight for sometime in doing it. The producers of this show are really smart.


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