Why Read Books?

ReadingMultipleBooks-flat600Because you have to!

Many of us do not find reading books as a fun activity. Maybe because we have never made it a habit and now that we’re working, we just don’t find time for it. Therefore, we unintentionally miss the opportunity of what books can offer. Books are works of literature with different genres just like movies; love and relationship, horror, comedy, etc. What’s good about this is you picture out your own interpretation of the characters and sceneries through your imagination.

If I’ve not convinced you yet, here are some great reasons to pick up a book regularly:

Brain FoodReading makes you smarter

Knowledge is power and one of the advantages of reading a book, magazine or article is to help you expand your awareness and increase your intellect. Our minds are always seeking for information. Our brain is a never ending processing machine and to prevent it from growing old, it needs feeding and nourishing with a few new information every once in a while.

library_9_0Reading can also be used as a social tool to make friends

Reading always gives you something to talk about with other people, whether you’re discussing a book you’ve read with someone who’s read it or is interested in it, or talking about world or local events you’ve read about in newspapers or magazines. Reading provides you with insights about other cultures which can be useful when travelling.

ffae9108f748a9144bd2e1b57569f783Relieves stress

Our habit of reading relieves us from stress and anxiety. In addition, it also makes our brain recharge from too much thinking and pressure. It works as a relieving pill for our tired mind. Regular reading strengthens our reading muscle and keeps the mind fresh.

zacefronreadingDecreases boredom

If you spend long periods of time by yourself and you’re fed up of watching TV, then reading can be a great way of beating boredom. One of the rules I have is if I am feeling bored, I will pick up a book and start reading. What I’ve found out by sticking to this is that I become interested with the book’s content even if a particular book isn’t enticing to read in the beginning. If you have nothing to do, might as well read, right?


When life feels like it’s all getting too much, escaping into a book for half an hour can really make a difference in your mood. The great thing about reading a book is that it’s something that can completely absorb your mind. You’ll find out that you can often tune out on the background chatter on a train, or the TV screaming on the other side of the room.


Books can also be vastly entertaining. You might be reading a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat or a sci-fi novel that sets out a brilliantly imaginative view of the future. Don’t dismiss books as less entertaining and exciting than television shows and movies. Words can do things which images and sound can’t. They can take us deep into the character’s mind and deliver a much deeper, richer story than it is possible in an hour-long episode of your favorite show. And, of course, books don’t break off every fifteen minutes for a commercial.

book_owners_have_smarter_kidsIt improves concentration, memory and focus

Reading books require brain power. It requires you to focus on what you are reading for long periods. Unlike magazines, Internet posts or e-mails that might contain small chunks of information. Books tell the whole story. Since you must concentrate in order to read, like a muscle, you will get better at concentration. Reading a book for long a time is a great deed of focus and by regular reading, one can improve focus and concentration which is helpful to achieve tasks perfectly. Reading also improves memory as we need to remember what we have read the previous day which gives a great boost to improve memory.

Yes, there are a lot of reasons to read books. Nonetheless, it also can help to make you more confident in talking to people from different places, with different interests, since you’re more knowledgeable. Our habits of regular reading make us more confident and improve our knowledge to a larger extent. Entering into a world of fictional characters and their problems also lets you “tune out” the chatter in your own mind.



23 thoughts on “Why Read Books?

  1. iilan pa lang ang mga nabasa kong libro at ang iba di ko pa natapos …
    ang galing na nalaman ko na ang dami pa lang benefits ng pagbabasa


  2. Sobrang napaka laking tulong ng pag babasa ng libro, bagkus nagkakaroon tayo ng kaalaman tungkol sa mga bagay na nais nating malaman…….. actually hindi ako masyado nagbabasa ng mga aklat but naniniwala ako na ang ang Aklat ay siyang tagapayo at nagbibigay idea sa lahat ng tao.


  3. Books are sources of power and we can not have this power if we will not read books. All of those points in this blog are true. We can also go to other places thru books. Take time reading books..the more information we get, the more knowledge we have.


  4. Good Morning. I have just finished reading your blog and I find it really interesting. I agree when you said that reading makes you smarter. It’s a fact that when a brain thinks deeply and interacts on what the eyes sees, it exercises the neurons to move and connect to each rapidly. As a result, it makes the mind sharper. Not to mention the knowledge that the book itself can give to you while reading it.


  5. I’m not actually fond in reading books or article, only viewing some magazine and reading some important or interesting facts.. but when I start reading some article some interest came out in me. and thanks for this information about how important is reading in our daily routine. Great article and God Job blogger 🙂 ❤ ..


  6. I am always surprised when I find out someone does not enjoy reading. I have been a lover of books since I learned to read and as an adult my passion is only stronger. I love that both my kids are huge book lovers as well 😉


  7. haha… S 22o lng tamad akng magbasa ng mga books, ngbasa ako ng mga alat ung gsto q lng mabasa.

    Ngaun nhihinayang ako s mga panahon n wala akng gngwa. Hndi ko man lng naicp ng kumuha ng alat at buksam at mgbasa.


  8. haha… S 22o lng tamad akng magbasa ng mga books, ngbasa ako ng mga alat ung gsto q lng mabasa.

    Ngaun nhihinayang ako s mga panahon n wala akng gngwa. Hndi ko man lng naicp ng kumuha ng alat at buksan at mgbasa.


  9. Love reading books as well as the hubby! Hopefully the same thing will become of our son. At the moment, we’re more about reading books aloud for him. I miss the paperback smell sometimes since most of the books are available in digital format.


  10. Reading DEFINITELY decreases boredom with Zac Efron! @.@! Haha… and also, it was an escape for me, especially reading Harry Potter series. My all time favourite!


  11. I’m not a big reader myself, but I definitely agree as to why people should read! It’s definitely a whole other world from just sitting around and watching TV. We develop so much as a person just by reading books! 🙂


  12. ang pagbabasa ng libro ay malaki ang naitutulong sa atin kasi mas marami tayong natutunang mga bagong kaalaman na magagamit natin sa araw araw nating pamumuhay


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