The Two-Faced Singapore

Singapore is a wealthy land. It is one of the world’s major commercial hubs, one of the world’s most prosperous countries, with the fourth-biggest financial center, and world’s busiest port. Singapore is a small island country but with just over five million people, it is a fairly crowded city. Many businesses in Singapore are operated by different races. Its globalized and diversified economy depends heavily on trade, especially manufacturing.

Also, there are a lot of job opportunities that are open to whoever qualifies the positions which is why so many Filipinos try their luck in the Lion City.

Moreover, never did cross my mind that behind the success of Singapore is the concealed discrimination of some Singaporeans. Well, thanks to the blogger of Blood Stained Singapore because you opened not just my eyes but most of your 1 million viewers too. Singapore is actually a place wherein discrimination is tolerated. Because of this disturbing blog, I have searched topics about discrimination in your country and here’s what I found out:

Discrimination in Singapore

First and foremost, it’s hard for me not to get mad or to fight the blogger back because of the most stupid article I’ve ever read entitled, “Filipino infestation in Singapore-5 point guide to showing displeasure without breaking the law.” This article is nothing but a rant of a selfish and one-sided person who disabled the comment section of his blogs. How could you write an article promoting racism and discrimination to the Filipinos in Singapore? How could you, dude?!

abcdThe importance of Filipinos in your city-state economy is undeniable. If you are one of those Singaporeans who have no full appreciation or understanding of the role of Filipinos in your country, then might as well shut your mouth. You are not helping your countrymen either with your selfish hatred to the Filipinos. In fact, your blog does not give a good image to other Singaporeans who actually are good, friendly and fair.

I am curious on how things turned out to be with you that lead you to write the article. What have you done to your country that has not been done by a Filipino worker that makes you think that you are better than them? Why do Filipinos deserve to be treated less than you are, “brilliant” whoever?

Filipino domestic workers, nurses, construction workers, and service staff occupations maybe the most underrated profession in the whole wide world but let me ask you, why can’t you do these small things on your own? As a matter of fact, you need Filipino workers to look after your children; to instill good manners; to be their second parents. You need Filipinos to take care of your elders; to talk to them; to make them laugh while you’re busy in your daily jobs.

And now I wonder, what if all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the world finally comes home to the Philippines? What will happen to the employers that depend on them? What will happen to your country? What will happen to your economy?

I hope you could read this; The Filipinos who made Singapore, Singapore

Everyone should be humble and respectful to all cultures of all countries. Indifferences, arguments and injustice are found everywhere. We are all brothers and sisters. We’re Asians. We’re Humans.


11 thoughts on “The Two-Faced Singapore

  1. Everyone should be humble and respectful to all cultures of all countries. Indifference’s, arguments and injustice are found everywhere. – I agree. We don’t need to be racist or to discriminate people.


  2. Racism is everywhere and we cannot eliminate them. We need to understand that if a person wrote something bad about anyone or a country, he or she doesn’t speak of his/her entire country. It’s sad and sometimes irritating to know that some persons are doing that but a time will surely come that they will experience that from other people or nationality. To the blogger who humiliates the Filipinos in their land, wait for the right time because you will be humiliated too. KARMA is like a movie..if not NOW SHOWING that is COMING SOON!


  3. I applaud your stance on this distasteful blog and its discriminatory stance towards Filipinos. However, instead of just lambasting such selfish and contemptuous individuals, maybe it’ll better if you consider the immigration debate and the inherent fear of Singaporeans becoming a minority in their own backyard?


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