Nobody Does Chicken like KFC

31Long ago, hamburger reined the food industry in the United States. There was a man named Harland Sanders who thought of a new kind of food to offer his customers during the great depression. Mr. Sanders or “Colonel Sanders”, as he wants to be called, is a restaurant entrepreneur who lives in Corbin, Kentucky. He started to sell his first fried chicken on the roadside at the same place which was later called as “Kentucky Fried Chicken” or KFC. It expanded and had its first franchise in Utah, USA in 1952.

colonel-sandersThe success in the food industry rapidly grew to the point that the aging Colonel Sanders couldn’t handle it anymore. KFC was sold to John Y. Brown, Jr. and Jack C. Massey who were well-known investors in food franchising.

In 1964, they have established 3,500 restaurants and made KFC the largest food service company all over the world. It is the first fast food chain that expanded internationally having a franchise in England, Mexico and Jamaica in the mid-1960’s.

In 1971 it was sold to Heuble in Spirits, an American producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages and was passed over to RJReynolds, an American conglomerate selling tobacco and food products.

In order for RJ Reynolds to pay off debit to the newly purchased Nabisco, KFC was later sold to”Pepsi Co.”It was under the Pepsi Co’s “Tricon Global Restaurants” division but went starburst. It is now owned by “Tricon Global Restaurants” which is currently known as the “Yum! Brands”, based at Louisville Kentucky, United States.
Kfc-logoKFC is using Colonel Sander’s image as an advertising tactic and logo of the food chain. The 11 herbs and spices used as seasoning to their very juicy and meaty fried chicken is the original secret recipe of the colonel and was never spilled out to patrons. For the colonel, KFC was never a fast food chain but an extended family and whatever failure and success it will encounter is also his failure and success.

The succeeding years of KFC have been a mixture of misfortunes and triumph. Despite all of it, they still stood up and innovated to better serve their faithful and loyal customers.They are not afraid to make new food products from chicken as long as the original recipe is still kept.


KFC Flavor Shots

Here in the Philippines, KFC offers “Chicken Burger Steak” and “Flavor Shots” which are both made of chicken. “Chicken Burger Steak” is a deep-fried round-shaped chicken patty served with rice and gravy while “Flavor Shots” are chicken strips seasoned with gravy and mushrooms. These two dishes are the most affordable yet both very lip-smacking –perfect for Filipino students and employees. They also offer group meals like “Fully Loaded”, wherein you can have a variety of food at a cheaper price. Fully loaded consists of 1 piece chicken, 1 cup of rice, mashed potatoes, brownies, mushroom soup and a drink just enough for a full meal serving.

Indeed, KFC made a huge name in the fast-food industry, serving dine in products with unlimited gravy. Yes, you heard it right! KFC offers unlimited gravy, which makes the customers really interested. It is actually a good idea for a marketing strategy since their main product is fried chicken. Their gravy is really one of a kind. It is not that thick nor watery. Unlike the gravy in other fast food chains which are very tasty, KFC’s gravy is simply right to match their chicken.

A lot of gravy monsters, as I call them, actually consume a huge amount of gravy everyday and I’m proud to say that I am one of them. I love KFC so much especially when I was still in college. Their chicken and gravy tandem is my life savior whenever I get hungry. The taste is enough for the price you pay and they have good stores too. It is absolutely finger-licking, kicking good!



24 thoughts on “Nobody Does Chicken like KFC

  1. We studied about this when i was in college. KFC started from nothing to big time and his 11 secret herbs and spices made the KFC blasts to popularity. My professor told me (although I haven’t’ proved it yet) that chickens in KFC were boiled in a giant casserole together with its 11 secret herbs and spices. IT is a trademark of KFC that they don’t even put it on the ingredients label..


  2. now i know what is the meaning of the letter k on the words KFc 🙂 “””””””” kentuckey lang pala 🙂 hahahha


    1. so konyo !!!! duh? we all know that KFC created the most delicious, mouth-watering and classic fried chicken. If you are craving for that you can buy at any KFC stores.


  3. I had my breakfast early this morning at KFC,and as we all know their food is very delicious and very affordable! One of my most favorite fast foods here in the Philippines.
    Now I know the history of KFC, Thank you 🙂


  4. I miss KFC’s gravy! We don’t have that here in Indonesia. Instead of gravy, there’s free-flowing hot sauce. You can take plates of hot sauce to your table and not get frowned upon. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be cultural or because of the ‘halal’ thing.

    Gravy > hot sauce.


  5. My favorite chicken has always been the original recipe of KFC and the gravy!!! Though the gravy is not consistent with most of the branches. I wish they could work on its consistency.


  6. I’ve tasted a lot of fast food, regardless if it’s homegrown or foreign-owned, since childhood. And when it comes to fried chicken, there’s definitely no question on KFC with their mix of herbs and spices. Plus their Hot Shots. I don’t care if it will cost me almost a hundred bucks way back then. I just want to dig myself for a lot of that.

    And hey, that bucket counts, too!


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