8 CUTS: The Juiciest Burger I Have Ever Tasted

After watching a Hollywood movie, my sisters and I decided to eat dinner in 8 Cuts. I was in so much excitement not just because I love food, it is because I have been craving to eat a good burger for almost 2 weeks. Not that I knew that their food is good, but of course, I was really hoping.

At first glance, you’ll find it troubling because of the restaurant’s narrow place. But as you stay for a while, you will loosen up because of the colorful furniture. I felt like I was in a US burger diner.

The restaurant’s wall features food-themed decor like this “infographic” explaining the different burger blends available.

wallAlso, you can watch as the cooks grind the meat for the burgers–having the meat ground fresh and on site most likely helps to preserve the quality and juiciness of the burger patties.

We ordered different burger recipes so that we can compare and differentiate.


8 Cuts Burger Blends (2)

8cuts04For our side dish, we tried their Skinny Fries (P45). Nothing spectacular about the french fries. It had nothing special going on. What can you expect from fries, right? Good thing they had tomato ketchup and mustard to add taste.

four cheese

The Four Cheese P245 (P345 for double patty)

It was a parmesan crusted beef bomb blend, patty of chuck and short rib, yellow cheddar, aged gruyere, mozzarella, arugula, garlic aioli on a sesame bun. The combination of all the cheese was very flavorful and ohhh so yummy!


franchThe Franch P295 (P385 for double patty)

It’s hard to get a bit of everything in each bite when you order this burger especially if you order it with a double patty. You get a nice crunch from the crisps on top, followed by a mild sweetness from the caramelized onions and a good smearing of Ranch Dressing that help cut the umay factor that can come with such meaty patties (Ox Blend). The cheese is on the mild side, and the sliced cucumber and yoghurt adds a bit of freshness to the combination. This was all sorts of awesome.


q daddyThe Q-Daddy P295 (P385 for double patty)

If you get the double-patty version of this burger, you’d better be pretty darned hungry or sharing with a friend. This burger consists of a quarter-pound Ox Blend patty, yellow cheddar cheese, onion tanglers, crisp bacon strips, iceberg lettuce, tomato, jalapeño ranch sauce, a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, and a sesame seed bun. It’s very juicy, with an added bit of spice from the sauces and a nice touch of crispness from the bacon and fried onions.

This pretty much has everything I look for in a Burger; Bacon, Cheese, BBQ sauce, and Onion Rings. It’s like it was made specifically with me in mind! I loved the Q-Daddy, and this is most likely what I would order again.

But of course, I am looking forward to try other burger recipes they got there. One of which is the Double Cheeseburger that looks good too.

I am very much excited to go back in 8 cuts and I am surely going to bring my friends with me. But certainly, it will not be my treat. Haha!

Disclaimer: Photos are downloaded from different sources. All are not mine because of some unfortunate incidents.




16 thoughts on “8 CUTS: The Juiciest Burger I Have Ever Tasted

  1. Nakakamis tuloy bumalik ng shang ri la dahil halos ganyan din kalaki yung burger na kinain ko before, kakagutom tuloy hehe anyway ma try nga bumili nito at tikman ang sarap. yum yum yum


  2. Wow very nice, sakto sa pananghalian ko ngayon good timing to read this article 🙂 napakasarap at nakapa ayos ng pag gawa ng burger at yung style niya malakas makahatak ng mga taong gustong bumili. so gorgeous i love it!


  3. What a burger! hope to be in that place and have my family eat some of those.
    I love the cheesy burger and double patty, but quite expensive, anyway as long as it is really delicious then it’s okay.


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