Charisma is Power

charismaWhat is charisma? Well, charisma is far easier to identify than explain. The success and influence of famous personalities is due to their charisma. Icons like John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks are very well known not because of their looks but their charisma.

Max Weber defines charisma as “a certain quality of an individual personality, by virtue of which he is set apart from ordinary people and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities.”

But Weber got one thing wrong. Weber believes that charisma is not for the ordinary. Well, I believe that it is a decision one has to make; a movement from the ordinary to the exceptional. The power of charisma is available to everyone.

US-ENTERTAINMENT-FILM-OSCARSCharismatic individuals are powerful people. But this type of power has nothing to do with position. In fact, you can find individuals who convey power in the humblest walks of life. Power, according to Cabane, simply means “being perceived as able to affect the world around us, whether through influence on or authority over others, large amounts of money, expertise, intelligence, sheer physical strength, or high social status.”

beauty-is-the-opposite-of-perfection-its-about-confidence-charisma-and-character-beauty-quotePowerful people can get things done, or at least they give that impression of being able to affect the world. Charismatic individuals can manage to manipulate/draw people into their orbit like a magnet. Back in our caveman times, our survival depended on being sociable with the big dogs at the top of the social hierarchy who could offer protection, food, and women. To better enable us to seek out unto such people, our brains evolved to cue in on body language and status markers that indicate power.

Emma-StoneSad truth though, as much as all of us want to acquire this power of charisma, only a few are actually able to fully utilize it. The good news, on the other hand, and the secret you probably didn’t know, is that each one of us already have the power of charisma within ourselves. Instead, you are just being yourself and being loved by them just the same.

Few tips to enhance charisma:

  • Watch thy words. By making their words scarce, powerful people increase the value of their communication. When they do speak, people listen. They don’t excessively nod and they don’t rely on verbal fillers like um and uh. In your next encounter with someone, act natural but focus on being as still as possible.poster1
  • Look good and confident. Powerful people are composed people. This does not mean you have to dress in the same way as everyone else does. You just need to look open, honest, natural, friendly, outgoing and clean. This is important because most people make a judgment about someone that they meet for the first time within the first thirty seconds of meeting them. Also, looking confident is not looking arrogant.feel-confident-bikini
  • Just be yourself. Finally, the golden rule of making people like you. You can modify things about you, but you can’t change your personality. You are who you are but at least be the person who’s morally accepted by majority. By introducing your true self determine how people around you will be true to you too.Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.31.00 PM

Your charisma is not meant to be hidden forever, you know. Possessing the charismatic qualities give us an edge in our own personal lives. It is an aura that surrounds us and make us posses abilities to be successful in our lives. It is a pull factor that helps us achieve the impossible in life. What you have to do is enhance the charisma hiding inside of you and set it free!


25 thoughts on “Charisma is Power

  1. The best ingredient in a charismatic individual is REAL GOODNESS. A good person is being loved by many and make other people submit or obey. As mentioned in this blog, words must be watched, and good words make a person charismatic. Looking real good also helps. This blog is excellent..


  2. A charisma can’t be explained by the one possessing it. It can be described by the people around that person. I think one of the good example of charisma is “cuteness”. cuteness is a type of attractiveness but doesn’t mean beautiful. It is associated by youth appearance, as well as scientific and a model analytically in ethology. Because of the uniqueness of the appearance, it attracts attention and public interest.


  3. I agree to your blog, a charisma is one of a positive attitude you have that most people like about you. Your kindness, being adorable, cute and being fun to be with. And now I know that there are ways on how to enhance your charisma.


  4. I agree charisma is a very powerful trait that one has! Like Obama and Hitler etc, great leaders are always charismatic; but, if they misuse this trait, it can cause unpredictable impact.


  5. i think charisma has more to do with how easily you can persuade someone to do something for you, and the people around you are those who can best attest to that. >XD


  6. Great post- and completely true!
    I’ve known so many charismatic people, to create a following, in very humble positions. If only these same individuals had the money/education to go along with the charisma then we could have had a whole new breed of politician!


  7. This is an interesting post. Charisma is best to identify than to define, I agree with that. While I agree that not everybody is gifted with this personality, but can be acquired.


  8. Charisma is something in a person male or female that attracts other people regardless of your face value. Charismatic people are easy to go with and you will long for their company always. Charisma is more than beauty.


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