Face Over Anything Else

It is said that the face is the first thing someone will look at when they meet you. Well, that’s obviously right. Very often we set someone’s level of beauty by judging their face’s structure. I am not trying to be shallow here. Where the physical aspect of beauty is concerned, that is what we do.

Haven’t you noticed that when you want to express how pretty or handsome you find someone, you describe how their eyes are set, how big their nose is, how full their lips are, how rosy their cheeks are, or how flawless their skin is? This is also the reason why some are face-conscious. It is very important to take care of your face and make it clean as much as possible.



Audrey Hepburn, Fashion Icon and one of the Most Perfect Faces in Hollywood

Everybody wants to connect with somebody. It may be a schoolmate, a peer, your boss, your crush, someone you admire, etc. By doing so, looking into someone’s face particularly to the eyes and mouth takes place. In that aspect, our eyes, teeth and lips are the three most important parts of our face that contribute to our whole facial expression; acknowledge someone (e.g. when you smile), shut them out (hard set eyes) or show complete indifference (total blank expression).

Our face plays a crucial role in our lives. Taking care of our face is very important. I find no reason to think lowly of somebody who is using special treatment cream or special products to ‘look’ better. Make-up when applied *correctly* can enhance the face’s features. Everyone has got a feature that stands out. Of course, there are those who are prone to narcissism which we do not judge but admire.   Your face is important. Know how to take care of it.

Moreover, not every one of us were given a perfect face. Therefore, here are some of face flaws and their respective solution.

Acne Scars- there are a lot of remedies nowadays that can lessen the appearance of acne scars. All you have to do is to educate yourself on its causes so that you would be free from active acne. You can try searching through Google or in YouTube wherein tips are given.

Big/ Flat Nose- Oh yeah, most of us were not blessed with that pointed nose. The solution to this is not necessarily a surgery. You can just put a nose line using make up. Just make to make a successful illusion.

Whiten the Teeth- Teeth are what we notice second next to the shape of the face. A dazzling pearly white smile is attractive, and gives the impression of health, happiness, youth and vitality. Unfortunately stained or yellowed teeth create the opposite impression by people you meet. Not only are stained teeth a turn off, they can also hurt your confidence, self-esteem and your ability to interact with others.

Curve your eyebrows- There is a magic on putting or curving your eyebrows. This puts your face in proportion. But be careful, because doing it can make or break your appearance. Using an eyebrow pencil will give you a drastic change. This could make or break dinner date or your job interview.

Source: Before and After: The Magic of A Universal Brow Pencil

I do not advice putting make up on a daily basis because it can destroy the skin in your face. But if that’s what gives you confidence, then do it!


17 thoughts on “Face Over Anything Else

  1. Many people say, that when there’s a problem, we need to face it. But how can you face the problem if the problem is your face? Anyway real happiness and getting close to other people is not based on the beauty of our face. Instead it is the goodness in our hearts. It is true that most people judges us through our face first, but sad to say that most of them regretted their judgment.


  2. uuwwwaaaaahh~!! Acne scars! >n< I hate them! I always put eyeliner and BB cream almost everyday. It protects my face from becoming oily. Eye liner extends the beauty of my eyes. its satisfies me a lot~ 🙂


  3. beauty is the one Gift Of God,pretty face that make a girl makes confident and all girls take care of your face and always Thank God that give you a beautiful gift.


  4. We should take good care of our self in order to have a good looking face. Anyway what important is the beauty inside you.


  5. Yeah that’s right. It is the reality. But at the end, face will not be the most important.
    Maybe we’re not pretty or handsome in the eyes of some people but in the eyes and in the heart of our Lord we are always beautiful. 🙂


  6. Aanhin pa ang kagandahan kung hindi naman ginagamit ang katalinuhan! ! !

    Makontento tayo sa kung anuman ang binigay sa atin ng Diyos.


  7. Kung gusto mo maging maganda, kaylangan mo ng pag sasakripisyo, una wag kang lalabas ng bahay ng walang sun block kase baka masunog ang balat mo. bawal mag puyat kase baka magkatagyawat. (sayang effort hehe)..Kailangan mag diet para sa magandang figure.. Kailangan maalaga ka sa balat at mukha mo, diba?
    Pag maganda ka, full of confidence ka. What matters most,maganda ka na mabuting tao ka pa..


  8. before, there were 3 general aspects to say that a person is perfect (Brain and personality, Beauty and Body, and Money), each is equal and necessary – maybe 33% each. But these days, I noticed that beauty and Body becomes dominating making it around 40%(i guess?) because people often look at the appearance first before anything else.


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