VOICEWORX: The Voice that Works

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In our everyday lives, we are all surrounded by voices. We tune in to radio, we watch music videos on YouTube, we watch the television, and we even stream random videos on the internet which obviously have voices.

Moreover, have you ever wondered who the voices are behind the cartoons, anime shows and tagalized Koreanovelas we watch? What about the voices in commercials or radio dramas? How can one’s voice be that good? Who are they and what are they called?

These ladies and gentlemen are called Voice Actors.

Here in the Philippines, there’s only one name that I can think of when it comes to Voice Acting and that name is Pocholo Gonzales, also known as the “Voice Master.”


He is the voice of more than a hundred characters that have become familiar or popular to radios, televisions, movies, computer games and anime aficionados: Doraemon in Doraemon, Goku in Dragon Ball Z, Cha cha in “Bubu Cha Cha,” Kuro Chan in “Cyborg Kuro Chan” and Shan Cai’s father in “Meteor Garden.”

Now, this leaves me wondering. How can he manage to change his voice every time? What does it take to be like him? Can all these be learned?

Well, I have discovered that the Philippines has a workshop that offers voice acting, the only one of its kind and it is called The VoiceWorx.This happens to be headed by the Voice Master, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales himself.

Pocholo-Gonzales(Photo credits:

VoiceWorx is a voice acting workshop that he founded alongside with top caliber voice actors and directors here in the Philippines. This workshop aims to make voice artists out of students. The description on their website says it all.

VoiceWorx is the most comprehensive workshop on Voice Acting and Dubbing for Telenovelas and Anime!

If you have always wanted to become a voice artist for radio and TV commercials, or dubber for telenovelas and anime, or improve how people listen to you speak, then this is the way to go!

VoiceWorx brings you the force of voice acting within reach. Learn the art of voice acting and voice overs in a fun environment. We guarantee to bring out the creative juices within you. This voice acting course guarantees to perk up that personality in your voice!”

It is such a relief to know that there is a workshop that opens up its doors to people who shares the same passion in Voice Acting.

A close friend of mine is currently enrolled in this workshop. In the first session, she has learned 3 important things a voice actor must learn:

  1. She/he must know how to act. Logically, this is why it was called Voice “Acting”. The voice actor must throw the lines with full emotions as how the characters are shown on screen. The facial expression and movements must sync in with how their voices act.
  2. Learn how to breathe from the diaphragm. There are whole sentences lines which are delivered without stopping. Breathing through the diaphragm helps the voice actor to sustain the power of the voice.
  3. Your throat is your life. Well of course, one cannot perform voice acting without his throat. And so, there are exercises that must be practiced so that the throat will stay healthy. One is to gargle a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of salt twice a day. Two is that drinking cold beverages are prohibited especially hours before the performance.

Voice acting is not easy as it seems. It requires dedication and passion as how the characters/animations must come to life through voices.



18 thoughts on “VOICEWORX: The Voice that Works

  1. Wow so much interesting,,,,,,,,, actually i am not totally great singer but i wanted to improved my voice quality to express to the people………


  2. I think it is very hard work to give life on the character you portray, thru your voice. It takes a lot of practice and determination. Now I know who’s behind that golden voice.. I want to see him one day and take some autograph..


  3. My dream is to be become a voice actor especially the meteor garden.I want to be dao ming si. I can portray him very well but I have to practice my acting talent first so, it will be perfect if I will portray him.


  4. I never tried prove my voice but my dad said i’m a good singer, especially on the shower room concert~ I can sing but i can’t do multiple voices. It’s hard for me but I want to give it a shot~ who knows. 🙂


  5. I got interested in voice acting when my daughter was just in Preparatory School. We had a time to bond during her educational tour in Pasay City. The host of Science entertainment, asked me to dub Naruto and I tried but it was quite hard to do. Thank you for sharing the techniques in your blog because I know what to do in case a chance to do it again will be given.


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