GOYA: Philippines’ Very Own Chocolate


The Philippines is the second confectionery consumer country next to Indonesia. This is the reason why a lot of companies in the food industry focus more on discovering different kinds of chocolates to offer the customers. Among the famous local chocolate brand in the country is “Goya”. With its ever changing face, I already forgot its original appearance.

Goya’s brand was born in 1956 and it is now 57 years old as of this year. As I remembered in the 90’s, Goya was just a typical chocolate wrapped up in a golden foil. Its price back then was just 1 peso per piece or maybe lesser than that. It started as a cheap local chocolate which target kids ranging mostly from 2 to 10 years old. But now, Goya looks amazingly different. Its taste, packaging, and even the price changed too.

Goya’s fight for its career started when families of Chua and Villabrille started to produce coffee and chocolate products under the name of“Philippine Cocoa”. Since then the product has been under the care of different companies. It has been traded to Nestlé’s property in the year 1997 and was then sold again to “Petra Food” in the year 2006. Petra is one of the top three cocoa suppliers in the entire world. It currently has core markets in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. Petra Foods Limited supplies confectionery products to over 10 other countries including Thailand, Brunei, India, South Korea and Vietnam. Goya’s triumph started again under the company “Delfi Marketing SdnBhd” which is a subsidiary of “Petra Foods Limited”.

According to Jose Nilo Chincuanco Jr., Director and General Manager of “Delfi Marketing”, the rebirth of Goya products have been a tough one. They had to consider also the man power that will work on the project plus the new taste that they will formulate for their chocolate products. As of now the revival of Goya has been successful, seeing a lot of new products within a year in different markets and getting good feedback from consumers.

I remembered my first encounter with a Goya chocolate bar in the market. I haven’t heard of it for a long time just until my sister asked me to buy her chocolate. I had no cash that time and just tried my luck to look for a very cheap but tasty chocolate at the store. I found a Goya bar, its size is just enough and its price is only 15 pesos so I bought one and brought it home. After tasting a newly discovered chocolate brand, it made me crave for it every single day though I stopped it after a while because it’s not a healthy habit. After a month, I saw my officemate eating a “Maltesers-like” chocolate but it doesn’t look like the original one. Later I found out that it is a Maltesers replication of Goya. Since then I started to look at the market for Goya chocolate products. Here’s a list of Goya chocolate products and their counterparts:

  • Goya Bits – M&Ms
  • Goya Milk and White Chocolate – Hershey’s Chocolate Bar
  • Goya Quadros – Locker Wafers
  • Malt Crunch- Maltesers
  • Pretzels Twists- Choco Pretzels
  • Krispy crunch- Crunch
  • Goya take it- Kitkat

Aside from chocolates, Goya also produces chocolate syrup and chocolate stuffing for bread like Nutella. With this kind of changes, there are lots of people putting controversies to its imitation type of marketing strategy. But for me it really sounds cool especially after you taste it. It doesn’t taste exactly the same with the original but it still scrumptious because while copying other brands they also keep the Goya-taste in all of its chocolate products. What an awesome job!



17 thoughts on “GOYA: Philippines’ Very Own Chocolate

  1. Nice to hear that we have our own chocolate product that can compete with other products in the region. It is wise to use our raw materials in making local products but is almost equal to the imported product’s quality. Goya..proud to be Filipino!

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  2. wow! seriously, this blog made me crave for more Goya chocolate bars! I’ve been eating sweets almost everyday since i was a kid, looks like i’m one of the Rank-2’s contributor and proof. 🙂


  3. Many chocolates today are very expensive and they have similar taste that makes other chocolate consumers feel the so called “Umay” but now in the Philippines we have our own chocolate product that we all know was very delicious and affordable to Filipinos . Thanks to goya we have our own chocolate product that we can be proud of.


  4. Want to try this later. Im sure its more cheaper than the imported product. Happy to know that we have our own chocolates product.


  5. when i first tried eating goya take it, i was like really craving for it every minute.. it’s cheaper than kitkat and you’ll love the taste..


  6. Goya’s spread is one to look out for. It doesn’t have the exact same taste and bite as Nutella but will definitely keep you craving for more.


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