Annoying Types of Text Messaging


It’s been clear for a while that cell phones serve numerous of purposes: they make great fashion accessories, they help you connect and when you have nothing to do, or don’t want to look uncool because you’re the only single person in a crowd of couples, there’s nothing like checking your cell phone to give you an edge.

People use texts for a variety of other purposes. What’s fascinating is what people are willing to say in texts that they would never say in person. Somehow it’s OK to be a little more revealing, forthright, and feisty than when you’re talking face to face. So, what does texting give us this extra oomph?

The short answer is because it puts some extra space between us and our recipients. It removes us from reality just enough.

Moreover, text messaging is one of the greatest advances in communication since the telephone and email. That said, it’s still a fledgling medium and some people need to learn how to use it without being a total jackass.

Here is the list of some annoying

Forgetting the term; “Call”


There are some people who love to text so much that the phone part of their cell phone has become completely obsolete. We’d much rather text most of the time but sometimes a call is necessary. There are people who solely ask questions through texts. It seems that it is now accepted to make plans via text but a phone call can never hurt. Why can’t you just call that someone? Sometimes it’s much preferred.

The Novel Writer

annoyed11Watch out! Writing five sentences rather than just one or two in a text is a bit suffocating. Reading novels are supposed to be in books not in a text message. This can really be annoying. The worse thing that can happen when you (novel) text someone is that he/she might just delete your message in an instant without even reading it.

The Last-minute text

tumblr_m8nhsbGnrd1qh95r3I suggest a plan a week ahead. You agree to it. Then I leave it up to you to follow up. You then change your committed yes to a “maybe” because of your other sudden commitment. Then, at the last minute, you text me that you couldn’t make it. Not cool, friend.




The One-Word Wonder

tumblr_macsehW2861rwktkoYes, text messages are supposed to be short, but there is such a thing as too short. “Thanks”, “K” or worse, a smiley emoticon are the top most annoying reply you could ever receive. Say your friend asks where the restaurant is and you tell them and they respond “Thanks.” That is just a waste of everyone’s time.


w068jCEA person who has a cell phone and doesn’t use it for communication might just rather throw his phone away. A cell phone without using the call or text feature is not a cell phone. Might as well buy yourself a PSP or MP3 if you’re just into games or music. Avoiding response to someone’s message especially when it’s urgent or important is just plain rude.

If you happen to do these annoying text messaging practices, then you must start changing your attitude now because if not, you’re a dumb ass.

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16 thoughts on “Annoying Types of Text Messaging

  1. No-reply, yun pinaka annoying sa lahat, lalo na pag urgent at need mo ng reply agad, then try mong tawagan hindi rin sinasagot naku tapon na yang cellphone na yan useless lang.


  2. “The Novel Writer” part hits me. I’m guilty on that. Sometimes I write Novel texts. so long, it will take 3 parts (3/3) of message. Also, if i received a very long texts, sometimes i just skip reading it.


  3. Most of those mentioned are really annoying when it comes to text messaging. But sending a long text message is sometimes being done by others because they want to save money from being deducted in their loads. Text messages in the cell phones have a character limits, and I think using this is not quiet annoying. depends on the recipient of the text message.


  4. Well nakakainis nga naman talaga kung ang taong kausap mo ay walang sense kausap, dahil naka experience na ako ng mga ganitong pangyayari, first of all sa mga hindi intirisado sayong tao, alam mo yung ang haba haba ng mensahe mo then ang reply niya sayo ay ok,sige,ah,ganun ba, etsetera……. na para bang effort ka na kausapin siya tapos ganun lang ang sasabihin niya maski sa facebook nangyayari yan, At meron namang taong kausap mo sa txt then puro capital letters ang ginagamit,,,, ang baduy kasi kung iisipin mo dahil hindi naman malabo ang mga mata ko para ganung format ang gamitin espcially sa mga bisakol or bisaya,,,,,,, at naka experience din ako na alam mo yung to the highest level na yung pinag uusapan niyong dalawa tapos super waiting ka sa reply niya ayun pala nakatulog na or may ginagawa ng iba at ang nakakaasar pa dun magrereply Smart Alert! ! ! Fuck Shit! well ganun talaga ang life ang daming pang yayaring nakakaasar mang isipin pero nakakatuwa din hehehe salamat sa article na ito 🙂


  5. Cellphone is the most easiest way to communicate people. That sometimes using it is not healthy to others, because they use it to do such bad things.
    You said it right, some people just using their cellphones to play a game instead of using it to communicate others.
    We should have to be responsible by using it.


  6. Cellphone is now a multipurpose tool, that’s why some people do not know the basic use of it..text and call. Some doesn’t want to spend much money n their load. But most of those you have mentioned are really annoying.


  7. no reply is annoying…………kc kung importante yung tinext mo tpos ndi ka mkakarecive ng reply kaasar yun nho, inis din ako sa ang haba ng tinext mo tpos sasagot lng sayo “ah ok” no sense kausap dba, ndi porket nka capslock galit n agad ang expression, meron kcng matatanda na gusto puro big letter para madaling mabasa lalo n yung mga malalabo ang mata hehehhe


  8. hahahah all caps text its just full of emotion in it grrrrrrr its like shouting you from time to time while your reading hahahah


  9. ang pinaka nakakainis na pangyayari sa akin ay yung ang haba haba ng txt mo sa kausap mo then mag rereply ng message alert. nakakawalang hiya diba haha.


  10. For me the most annoying type of message is when they always said LOL a lot. Everything is LOL. You send some long text about something that happened to you that day or something important to you, and they just say lol, or ha ha, or okay. They’re saying, uh okay, I don’t care.


  11. Of course the most annoying is the no reply, especially if it is an important message that needs an immediate response. It can only be tolerable if the cell phone is low battery, no signal or no load.


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