Alexandria’s Genesis

Have you heard the story about the Alexandria’s Genesis? Well, if not, let me tell you the intriguing legend of it. What makes this interesting are because 1. Whoever would have this is considered the luckiest woman on earth and 2. It’s too perfect to be true but you know, “nothing is impossible.”

The Back story

According to the legend, there has been a mutation not less than 1000 years ago in Egypt. The mysterious light flashed during a moonless sky and when people went out to see it, they developed a very fair skin and purple eyes. The people then were considered as spirits because of their appearance. The so-called “spirit people” moved north and eventually disappeared without a trace.

The story also notes the first recorded instance of this disorder when a woman named Alexandria Augustine came into the world on April 29, CE 1329 in London, England. At the time, she appeared to be normal, but her parents soon noticed that her eyes were changing from the blue eyes Alexandria had at birth to the purple eyes she would have by her first birthday.

The parents were startled and took her to their priest, thinking that a witch did this to their child. The priest told the parents that it was not the work of the devil, but a myth come true. This particular priest had heard a story about a race of people who had purple eyes once. The priest told her parents not to worry, for they had a special child in their hands and they should take good care of her.

Eventually, Alexandria grew up to be a very beautiful woman, got married, had four children (all four were girls, and all four also had the mutation), never got sick, and died at the age of 150 of natural causes. It is this discovery that helped to name the genetic mutation when the gene was discovered in 1968.

What Is Alexandria’s Genesis?

Alexandria’s Genesis is a myth about a rare genetic mutation that bestows exceptional beauty and flawlessness upon lucky recipient. This genetic mutation causes the eyes to turn into purple. During puberty the color is said to deepen to a royal or violet-blue purple and remain this dark purple way, but will not affect the person’s ability to see. Those that have this mutation are said to never grow pubic, facial, body or anal hair excluding that on the top of their head, ears, eyebrows, eyelashes and noses. Some also say that women with this condition are fertile but do not menstruate.

People claim that those with this mutation can live up to 130-150 years with aging stopping around 50, they do not gain weight and have a good figure no matter how much they eat, rarely digest and are immune to most diseases so they rarely become ill.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis Fact or Fiction?

­Though this specific condition may have existed thousands of years ago, it seems as though this condition is the result of an urban legend since no one with this disorder appears to exist today so far as the scientific community is aware.

It can be possible in a way but there are factors needed to be considered like the possibility and impossibility of its existence. I see several women who have very fair skin who happens to have less hair growth. Yet, I doubt if they live till 150 years.

There are also some races that are known for having a very high functioning immune system, so it is possible that some may possess a mutation that helps limit how often they are sick. It is also not farfetched to think of someone that has a high metabolism that does not gain weight easily or has above average eyesight.

Some say that Elizabeth Taylor had this condition, but this is often refuted by stating that her eyes and those like her are actually violet but tend to appear purple.

elizabeth_taylor_as_cleopatra-1582350Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

So for now, I’ll just leave to you the decision whether you think Alexandria’s Genesis is Fact or Fiction?


16 thoughts on “Alexandria’s Genesis

  1. Yeah, I saw this once in the internet about a rare condition, but not a sickness, wherein a gifted child will grow with purple eyes and extremely beautiful. At first, I thought it was a hoax until it was believed by many and that it was a mutated, yet harmless condition..


  2. It is such an interesting topic. Having this kind of condition especially in women seems very rare in the whole wide world, and a woman who has this condition is very fortunate. However to answer the question whether it is a fact or a fiction, depends on the frequency of cases involving this mutation. If there is no other proof of it’s existence, then probably it is a fiction.


  3. For me “Alexandria’s Genesis” is purely fictional.

    because I do believe many people have a purple eyes so they don’t have got disease…… and i’ve been watching jessica soho na parang katulad din sa kanya but the color of her eyes is blue . so makatotohanan man ngauni’t kathang isip lamang.


  4. I read the truth about this purple eyes of Elizabeth Taylor, but actually, it’s only a reflection in front of the camera. Maybe, maybe not…you know Egypt before, lots of stories were written because of papyrus. But in some other parts of the world, written from of expression was still in its discovery.


  5. Your article says the Alexandria Genesis is a myth. Therefore it is fiction.

    Although wouldn’t it be nice to live up to 150 years old? As long as you have the body and health of a 30 year old regardless of eye or skin color, that would be fantastic.


  6. This is a fascinating story. Though sounds like a fiction i so wish it is real. What an amazing life it would be. No worry of aging or weight gain. And those purple eye are cherry on the cake


  7. I’ve never heard of Alexandria’s Genesis… but it’s an interesting story. Well, true or not, that’s another thing, as long as this person doesn’t spread deadly disease to other people!


  8. Purple Eyes are a dominant feature among Valyrians! just kidding.. Purple eyes? Maybe, but no periods and still fertile? Impossible, a female cannot be fertile without having their period, it is a part of human nature which cannot be changed.


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