A Date with Juanita

Kapitolyo, Pasig City is known for having a variety of restaurants that are scattered everywhere. Houses were developed into creative and innovative restaurants. One of which is a very special place named Café Juanita.

Café Juanita is owned by a doctor who eventually turned his house into a very artsy place. Its unique interior showcases an eclectic collection of antiques and items from all over the world. It was beautiful. I was in for a surprise as I entered the main door — chandeliers in all forms and sizes, colorful fabrics and native costumes, golden Buddha and so much more. The place was perfectly decorated, inspired mostly by Thai liked interiors and furniture. The place gives an unfamiliar feeling of entering in a new dimension. It’s hard to keep your focus on your food when you can’t help but look around the place.

But not only is it exciting to dine in because of the interiors but most especially for the food that awaits you. Café Juanita serves modernized Filipino home cooking.

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I have heard so many good things about this place. The place is intimate. The food is good. It is advisable to make a reservation since the place is not that big and it gets full easily. Though, as I’ve said earlier, I got lucky because we actually did not make any reservations.

zomatodotcom-2Sample of MENU (Photo credits:

We started the meal with the appetizers, Vietnamese Spring rolls and Chicharon Bulaklak.

The taste of Vietnamese Spring rolls were quite weird at first but it will leave you wanting her more; especially with its flavorful peanut butter dip.

Meanwhile, Chicharon Bulaklak was unusual because the center part of it was fresh but the rest was crispy. I enjoyed eating this tasteful chicharon with a dip of spicy vinegar. Perfect for an appetizer! Hmm, yummy!

Vietnamese Spring rollsVietnamese Spring rolls (Php 255.00)

Chicharon Bulaklak

Chicharon Bulaklak (Php 229.00)

After the appetizer, sequences of the delightful and very mouthwatering meals were served. Among these are Kare-Kare ni Juanita, Bagnet Salad, Calamares (fried squid), Sugpo sa Gata, with a refreshing Buko-Lychee Juice plus a Caramel flan, Halo-Halo and Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert.

Kare-kare ni JuanitaKare-Kare (Php 564.00 good for 4 to 5 persons)

Bagnet SaladBagnet Salad (Php 367.00 good for 3 to 4 persons)

Sugpo sa GataSugpo sa Gata (Php 494.00 good for 4 to 5 persons)

It was all good. There were so many flavors bursting in every serving. Yes, the meals were actually the usual meals we can cook every day. But, how it was cooked by Café Juanita was extra special because of the secret add-ons they do.
Cafe Juanita is perfect for special occasions or intimate dinners. It is now my favorite Filipino restaurant. It was a fun experience. The servers were accommodating. The place is definitely a feast, not just for one’s stomach but also for one’s eyes. Not to mention, the very relaxing music the restaurant offers.

Overall, I’d definitely go back to Cafe Juanita. There’s more to discover and I’d gladly take on the task. Thanks Café Juanita! We surely enjoyed our meal.

19 West Capitol Drive, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Call (02) 632-0357 for reservations.


24 thoughts on “A Date with Juanita

  1. Oh my god, I feel hungry now!! Foods are all delicious and the place is so relaxing! But I suggest to offer more delicious foods in affordable price for others,who wanted to go there but lacking budget.


  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sa bongga naman ng restaurant na ito, one time makapunta dito at ma experience ang sarap at ganda ng lugar.


  3. Haven’t eaten here & the place is very interesting & cozy plus the food looks yummy. I’ll be keeping this in mind since I seem to be frequenting the Boni area which is just a few minutes in Kapitolyo 🙂


  4. ang daming mga kkaibang restaurant dito sa may pasig .
    sana minsan makapunta ako dito ang ssarap ng mga pagkain at ang ganda ng lugar…


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