Joey Paras: More than just a Comedian

The first time I saw Joey Paras was when I watched Bona in September 23, 2012. He played a supporting role. He portrayed as the best friend of Eugene Domingo (Bona). He is a marvelous actor. Every punch line he knocked was “pasok sa banga”. I admired his way of acting as if it was all candid, all true, and convincing. All of what he was about to say kept me await. I can never forget how he made the whole theater laugh and made the show extra special. I wish I could see him again do a hand-in-hand acting with Eugene because they really can make a hit tandem.

bona1Joey Paras as Bona’s best friend and riding partner, Janvier (4th from right in floral top and gray pants)

Watch a bit of his scene at

Nevertheless, the level of laughter he gave me in Bona has the same level of how much tears I cried in the movie Bekikang: Ang Nanay kong Beki. Bekikang delivers a dramatic comedy which has always been a signature style of box-office director Wenn Deramas.

As being compared to co-comedian Vice Ganda, Joey Paras provides a comic style of his own. Unlike Vice Ganda’s sarcasm or Delas Alas’ inclination for theatrics, there is a casual naivety that underlines Paras’ doe-eyed comedy. His style makes the whole thing close to the heart of the viewers. I personally feel the trueness of his objective as Bekikang which makes him not just a humorous comedian but also a talented actor.

Though the movie has some flaws, it was by far more sensible than Vice Ganda’s. The story had a good flow, a moral lesson and fascinating acting skills of the actors. It was both hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.

bek1My favorite scene from Bekikang: Ang Nanay kong Beki. When Beki finally shouts his heart out.

Moreover, I wish I could grab a copy of his entry film for Cinemalaya 2013 entitled Babagwa (The Spider’s Lair). A film together with Alex Medina (lead), who is also a talented actor. This film is underrated but garnered a lot of excellent reviews from those who watched.

I even admired him more when I discovered that he himself is also a writer and a director.

By now, he manages Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas 15th year Anniversary wherein the E-Workshop Batch 5 together with Powerhouse Ensemble were given the chance to experience acting in Theater, Television and Film. It is a 4-month long workshop every Saturday and/or Sunday.

He wrote and directed 5original short films entitled “Save the Bed for Lass”, “Beks and the CD” ,Hinango”, “Wala Na Bang Ibang Title?”, and “The Jeepney Musical”. The stories of each film are for us to find out on July 26, 2014 for the Short Film Festival. These films serve as the E-Workshop Batch 5 recital for TV and Film.

What’s more about this, is of course, the theatre recital wherein the stage plays were also written and directed by Joey Paras that will be on July 19, 2014.

Please watch BTS at


18 thoughts on “Joey Paras: More than just a Comedian

  1. Wow, He’s so amazing! He is not just a comedian, he is also a writer and director?!! Akala ko pa extra- extra lang sya sa tv at sa pelikula, big time din pala sya. Ang galing mo,applause to you Joey Paras. Thank you sa blogs na ito.


  2. Joey Paras one of the greatest funny comedian actor here in the philippines,
    natural ang pag acting niya at kung anung character na ibigay sa kanya kaya niya…. very professional actor. i’m proud to be a gay citizen in the philippines.


  3. I also prefer Joey Paras portrayals compared to Vice Ganda’s as vice tends tobe too commercial and overacting at times. Joey Paras really knows how to hit your nerves and make you laugh with his own brand of comedy. I like how you did your review, by the way.


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