People get stuck. Artists get stuck. Writers get stuck all the time. A writer’s block is an underrated sickness of all writers. These are the moments when we end up with no words to write. We stutter and wonder where we will get the inspiration we need. And in moments like these, it’s good to have a go-to list of topics as a quick guide when we feel like there’s nothing to say.

I’ve compiled such a list. Here are five blog post ideas for times that you’re just not feeling it:

Confess a dark secret. Come on! We all have a dark side or should I say that we all hide something that we hope no one in this world will find out. It maybe an embarassing fact but it would definitely be an interesting topic to write about.

Pick a fight. Be honest! We all have cliffs that we are willing to jump off and die in. They may be political or religious affiliations or a topic saying why your country is the best place in the universe. Whatever your causes are, have the courage to take your stand, make your argument and let the world know. Sure, this is one way to make a few enemies and critics, but it’s also a way to earn new friends.

Call someone out. Whose a fan of publicly shaming someone? Well, I am not but it’s hard to deny how much attention these posts can get you. Still, I think there is a tactful way to disagree with someone, especially a celebrity or a political figure who might not otherwise respond to you. Open letters are pretty popular these days.

Teach something. Maybe it’s how to replace the oil filter in your car or how to write a book, but we all have skills we want to learn. We also have skills we can teach. Take something that you’re a natural at and generously share your knowledge with the world. Writing about something that can contribute to someone’s life is the best thing that you can ever do. So, never teach a thing that you haven’t at least tried or studied about before. Be careful.

Ask a question. The world doesn’t need you to have all the answers; it just needs you to speak up, to lead the conversation. We all have questions to ask and maybe, one of your future articles would be the same as others. This is a pretty good start for having a constant audience.


People don’t remember vanilla content. They don’t tweet links about mediocre articles and don’t tell their friends about someone who is average. They are searching for something fun and new. Go to the extreme and open new doors for something interesting. Yes, it’s hard in the beginning but you’ll be working on that. The sooner you get used to it, the better you will be.

We have to ask “why?’. Why do we write? Why do we blog? It definitely helps to know the reasons why we blog. For me, these are my reasons:

Connect with people. This is an opportunity to connect with people like you. Blogging brings like-minded people together.

Express your thoughts. To express your thoughts and opininion means that you have something to say; you have something to share. Writing provides an avenue for you to be heard.

Help people. Many blogs are written to help people who may be going through similar situations that the blogger has experienced. Many parenting and health-related blogs are written for this purpose.

Remember, the readers want something remarkable and worth talking about.




  1. Sometimes I write a short blog and I rarely get a “mental-block” (that’s what they call it). Rare but if the mental-block hits you, it’ll hit you hard that you would even feel sleepy and blows your energetic spirit away as it’s after effect~ Mental-block is normal. We just need inspiration to keep our minds in-focus and finally convert those ideas into words~


  2. As a reader, I would love to read an articles which I can learn more. Of course an informative blogs that can inspire me. But being a writer is a hard work to do, maybe I should do your guidelines or tips…


  3. There were really times that its really hard to blog. No ideas, no stories to tell just blank. In blogging, content is really the King, that’s why I’m really trying my best to make my posts influential.


  4. Nice tips. Your list is basically my whole modus operandi so sadly I run out of people to call out, fights to pick, etc.

    When I run dry on topics to write about, I go to my bank of nearly-aborted articles. This is a collection of drafts, unformed thoughts and ideas. They’re some flashes and sparks of ideas that I wasn’t able to ignite into full articles. Instead of extinguishing and forgetting them, I just leave them as drafts. Who knows, maybe with some inspiration or luck, I can fashion something out of these uglies? And they’ve come through. My second-to-the-latest post came from this mess. Hehe.

    So, when I’m stuck with nothing, I go back to this bank and work on it. Having one unfinished idea is better than working from scratch..

    I’ve even recycled some posts from a blog I had seven years ago and updated them. There’s some level of shame in this practice, but I got a new set of audience anyway so it’s not really a rerun. Plus, I update them.


  5. Thanks for sharing your ideas on blogging.You’re right, sometimes, we get stuck. There were times na blanko talaga ang isip natin. In my case, to be able to write new posts, i need to be motivated. I do visiting other blog sites & read helpful articles to get some inspirations..mabuhay ka, isa kang alagad ng sining! 😉


  6. Nice article. There are also times that i do not know what to write. It helps to have an editorial calendar that will serve as a guide what topic you are going to write next

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  7. Your article is very helpful..thanks for giving me some ideas because I use to write sometimes. But most of the time, my source for writing are the currents events, whether local, regional or national coverage to suite for the present topic and needs.


  8. My usual remedy to writer’s block is diversifying the topics that I write about. Once it really gets chronic, I have to resort to picking up my ballpen and notebook. But the tips you shared turned out to be really helpful especially calling someone out and picking a fight. Sometimes some folks need to be called out on their bullshit sometimes. Thanks

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  9. For someone like me who’s blogging outside the country, it’s almost imperative that I read a lot. Issues or topics that one would normally get from conversations with peers is something I don’t have in my situation so I really need to read up a lot. An example is my latest post about Lance Raymundo which I found out through FB posts.


  10. Tama ka…kaya in my blogs, wala akong pakialam kung medyo nakakahiya ang mga sinasabi ko basta maging leksiyon sa iba…kadalasan pag about politics at corruption na, halos sumigaw na ang mga sinusulat ko…kaya para mag-mellow ng kunti nagba-blog din ako ng lighter materials…


  11. Thank you for all the blog topic ideas. I must confess that there are some that I would personally not do but most of the items you’ve mentioned, I’m currently trying to implement. Hopefully I won’t ran out of things to blog about. I agree with you, when you offer to help or give a tip or teach someone or move the focus away from you, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

    – Karen


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